Rambler Slashes Record

George David's _Rambler _makes quick work of the Newport Bermuda Race, setting the new race record at just over 39 hours.

June 18, 2012
Sailing World


Rambler leads Class 10 past Castle Hill Light at the start of the 2012 Newport Bermuda Race.

George David’s 90ft maxi Rambler has smashed the 635-mile Newport Bermuda race record, clipping a massive 14 hours off the previous best time set 10 years ago by Roy Disney’s Pyewacket. The new record now stands at 39hr, 39 minutes, 18 seconds (subject to ratification)- an average speed of 16 knots.

A delighted George David said, “These were perfect conditions. The most exciting moment was when we hit 26 knots. I’m so pleased with our performance. We have reduced the record by 25% – Not bad for a boat that is now 10 years old. This Rambler is the best boat I have ever owned!”

-From the Newport Bermuda Race news page


George David on the record-breaking run (from


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