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Kinetix, The Debrief Game-Changer

Your onboard sailing video can be more than sizzle-reel stuff for your social media feeds. You can also use it to eliminate any uncertainty about why and when you’re slow—or better yet, fast and winning races.


Dr. Charles Shoemaker, Dr. Robin Wallace, and Nancy Parillo convene at Newport YC for the Frostbite season's first hearing.

The Lemming Effect

How many times have you started a race, unsure what the racecourse is? The answer should be, “never.”

Sail Trim


How to Fill the Foretriangle

With modern sail design and hardware technology, ocean racing teams have more versatility with their sail inventories. Here’s how one team developed a winning inventory for the 2022 Bermuda Race.

Jib sag/headstay tension

Dynamics of Headsail Trim

The wind across your sails is dynamic, so too must be your sail trim. Pro sailor Erik Shampain explains the fundamentals of active headsail trimming.