Kinetix, The Debrief Game-Changer

Your onboard sailing video can be more than sizzle-reel stuff for your social media feeds. You can also use it to eliminate any uncertainty about why and when you’re slow—or better yet, fast and winning races.

Helly Hansen Sailing World Regatta Series

Embracing popular fleets at each location, the Regatta Series features many different boat types: dinghies, multihulls, and keelboats that race under established handicap systems.

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safe approach

Weather Mark Tactics

Windward-mark approaches and offset-mark exits should be part of your developing playbook of race-winning tactics. Do them well, and you’ll realize big gains.

Australia SailGP Team

SailGP’s Season 2 Stunner

The concluding regatta of SailGP’s second season confirmed the Australian squad will be the best of the league for a long time coming.

Rod Favela

Purveyor of Performance Goods

Rod Favela never thought he’d be hawking sailing goods from a warehouse in Texas, but here he is today, providing solutions to your sailing problems.

Golden Apple

Golden Apple’s Fastnet Mystery

As the 1979 Fastnet Race storm raged on, the crew of Golden Apple was rumored to have a plan should things go wrong. Or was it just another sea story?


How to Ensure A Good Start

Following a few basic steps and implementing a pre-start routine ensures consistently good starts. Here’s your go-to primer.

British Virgin Islands

It’s all there in the BVI

New charter skippers and old salts alike flock to the British Virgin Islands every year for sun, fun and stress-free sailing.