Helly Hansen Sailing World Regatta Series – Annapolis

May 3-5, 2024  •  Hosted by the Annapolis Yacht Club

Speaker Series – Annapolis – Charlie Enright

Annapolis Yacht Club hosted the Speaker Series with Sailing World’s Dave Reed and Charlie Enright for a fun and freewheeling conversation about the fulfillment of ocean racing, technology at the top of the sport, and the fundamentals of winning—on and off the water.

Enright, recent recipient of the Rolex Yachtsman of the Year award, led the first American team to win the grueling high-performance Ocean Race while being followed by a global audience of more than 52 billion. Listen first hand to Enright’s story.

Annapolis Social Pass

Social events and fees are separate from entry fees; all sailors, members, and guests are welcome. It is the intent of the OA to host the Sailing World Speaker Series on Thursday, a Happy Hour post racing on Friday, Saturday and Sunday at the AYC Sailing Center. Regatta Social Passes should be purchased in advance on the event website.

Local Knowledge & Coaching Tips by Quantum Sails

Quantum Sails coaches Dave Gerber and Andrew Waters were on the water with you, taking notes and footage of many interesting situations boat and sail set-ups. Enjoy the replay of this interactive debrief with high level regatta takeaways that will improve your racing in any class! We’ll discuss mark roundings, trim, tune, and boat setup. Get in touch with your questions!

Mount Gay Rum Cocktail Contest

Winning Cocktail: Patriot Punch
Winning SWRS Team: Patriot – Dawn Kass, Sam Vineyard, Tyler Raven, Jamie Gilman, Michael Komar and Ray Wulff

Ingredients and How to Make coming soon.

Regatta News: Annapolis

Brothers of the Waszp

Brothers Gaetan and Antoine Ismael share their love of the Waszp and the new exciting challenges it brings to them.


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