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Helmets and Sailing

As boats become faster, impact become greater, which has many sailors accepting helmets as standard equipment.

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How to Use a B&G Autopilot system

The more you explore the depths of your autopilot’s capabilities, the better your own ability to sell the boat to its peak efficiency, especially when racing shorthanded.


THE FUTURE IS NOW: Introducing Best Marine Electronics & Technology

To expand the possibilities of life on the water, technology and electronics are essential. And once you choose your electronics, their potential can only be maximized through understanding. To help you on that journey, we have created a digital destination dedicated to this category. Best Marine Electronics & Technology (BMET) is a new comprehensive resource powered by the most respected media titles in the marine industry, including

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Zhik's ZSkin maintains warmth in the core and flexibility in the arms.

Zhik ZSkin Top Reviewed

For dinghy sailing, this this and comfortable neoprene top could be your go-to piece of kit all summer long.

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Autopilots for Racing Sailors

If you’re seeking a reliable co-skipper that can deliver to the targets all watch long, without any relief, you’re in luck because modern autopilots are faster and more reliable than even the best professional hand on the helm.

jib car on an Etchells sailboat

Harken’s All-Soft-Tie Jib Cars

It’s always cool when a sailboat hardware company can be nimble—recognizing a need, quickly tooling up and starting production, all within a few months. Case in point is Harken’s new 13mm ball-bearing car, which became available this past April.

Harken Gizmo

Harken Gizmos

New through-deck attachment systems engineered for a variety of hookups.

5.5 Metre sailboat with crew hanging over side of the boat

Making Complex Simple

In this web series of technical articles highlighting some of the major controls generic to most keelboats, we’ll use the 5.5 Metre as a platform to explore various key controls, what they do, and how and why they’re set up as they are.

Gill Pro Glove

Gill Redesigns Its Sailing Gloves

Visually, they may look about the same, but there have been some cool changes at hand in the Gill line of performance sailing gloves. We got a chance to check out three of their top sellers—the championship, pro and helmsman gloves, all in long-fingered models. Here’s what we found.

Navigator’s Jacket

Gill’s Triple Play

We recently got to check out three new products from Gill—the Navigator’s Jacket, the Waterproof Beanie and the Millbrook Zip Tee, and when combined, we were feeling warm and fast.