John Bertrand’s Early Days

From Lido 14s to Finns, and on into the Laser as one of its earliest pioneers, John Bertrand's methodical approach to his competitive sailing is mirrored in his results. He recently returned to Laser sailing, plying his skills in the talented ranks of the Master's division. Read more of Dave Powlison's interview with the dinghy great as he gets back on the learning curve.

July 9, 2010
Image Chuck Place
John Bertrand with Andrew Buckland Louis Kruk
Bertrand sailing a Lido 14 (circa 1980). Dave Powlison
Roll tacking a Lido 14 (circa 1980). Dave Powlison
Bertrand went on to win a silver medal in the Finn in the 1984 Olympic Games. Tallih
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Bertrand Early Headshot

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