WOW Event Encourages Female Racers

News brief

At the Los Angeles Boat Show on Friday, February 9, the women's sailing organization Women on the Water (WOW) has organized a networking event for female sailors to rendezvous and learn from each other. Women's Ocean Racing Sailing Association (WORSA) will be there sharing information about local club and charity races open to anyone, women and non-owners included. The organization is dedicated to getting women sailors out to the starting line, where they can crew and learn from other sailors. Other groups presenting at the event include Women Sailing Association and the National Women's Sailing Association. At the WOW booth, vistors can enjoy a free facial from Nordstrom, attend seminars hosted by female industry professionals and active women boaters, meet representatives from women's boating organizations, and tour the entire Boat Show-for free!For more, click here.