World Class Navigator Dick Stimson

Obituary for a two-time Bermuda Race winner

Dick Stimson, age 68, world class navigator, passed away on Saturday, January 6, 2002 after a brief battle with cancer.

Dick became a member of Storm Trysail Club in 1987, was a Charter Member of Eastport Yacht Club and a Life Member of the Annapolis Yacht Club. He was active in ocean racing from 1954 through 2000 as watch captain and navigator on such boats as Proton II, Cayenne, Running Tide, Congere and Morning Star. His first Newport-Bermuda Race was in 1958. He had raced in the Buenos Aires-Rio de Janeiro race twice, in the Marblehead-Halifax Race numerous times as well as hundreds of ocean and buoy races on the Great Lakes and the East Coast.

He was a fixture aboard racing yachts in the heyday of the SORC and was much in demand as a key member of many of the most successful racing yachts. He was awarded the George Mixter Trophy as navigator of the fleet winning boat in the Newport-Bermuda Race twice: in 1976 aboard Running Tide and again in 1988 aboard Congere.

Dick is survived by his wife of 41 years, Marlyn, two daughters, one son and four grandchildren. He was the epitome of the professional navigator --cool, precise and exceptional. He was also a great shipmate and wonderful friend. He will be deeply missed.