Stamm Leads Ice Bound Velux Fleet

News brief


Bernard Stamm

Two weeks into Leg 2, Bernard Stamm maintains a commanding lead on the rest of the Velux 5 Oceans fleet. On Sunday, he passed through the eastern end of the first ice gate, an imaginary line in the Southern Ocean through which all racers must pass. In second place, 920 miles behind Stamm, Kojiro Shiraishi has been frustrated by light winds and tactical errors.Graham Dalton is currently in New Zealand waiting to rejoin the race. He had to make a pit stop to replenish food supplies contaminated by leaking diesel fuel. When he rejoins the race later today, Dalton will likely trail Unai Basurko and Sir Robin Knox-Johnston, who are passing New Zealand to the south. For the latest Velux news, click here.