MODs Take Manhattan

_SW _senior editor Stu Streuli reports back from MOD 70 Musandam-Oman Sail at the Prologue of the Krys Ocean Race, from Newport, R.I., to New York City.

A slow start (relatively) turns around quickly for Musandam. A slick move along the Castle Hill shore vaults us into second place as we race to NYC:

A quick tour of the inside of the MOD70 as Musandam powers along toward NYC at 16 knots:

Just before sunset, Musandam finds itself right in the thick of the fleet:

Dawn finds Musandam off the coast of Long Island, and out of sight of the competition. But the wind is up and so is the optimism:

The finish line (actually the NYC skyline is in sight) and things are looking up for the team on Musandam. But this is no time to get complacent:

Zeroes to heroes and back to zeroes. That about sums up this race for the team on Musandam. After leading to the mouth of New York Harbor, it all falls apart:

Check out photos of the Prologue by Billy Black, and read more about the racing in our Finish Line forum.