Handicap Series Begins NYYC Race Week

Early fog forces the first day of racing in the New York Yacht Club Race Week at Newport up Narragansett Bay, but a steady southwesterly breeze makes for a good day of racing.

July 16, 2006


Franz Ritt

Fog in lower Narragansett Bay forced the first’s day’s racing in the New York YC Race Week at Newport into the upper bay, which paid off as the fog cleared earlier. A steady southwesterly and sun provided excellent racing conditions for the three PHRF classes and three IRC classes in two circles of handicap racing.

In IRC Class 4, Four Stars, a Beneteau 44.7, had a terrific day with a second-place finish, followed by two bullets. They finished the day in first, but racing was close all day, with the Express 37 Troubador finishing well all day with three third-place finishes.

One of the favorites in IRC Class 1, Blue Yankee, took first in the first race, but suffered a breakdown when their mainsail separated from its track. They had built up enough of a lead to keep their position, but were forced to retire before finishing the second race. Stark Raving Mad continued to finish well after Blue Yankee’s departure, wrapping up first place for the day with 8 points, including a win on the third race.


The 12-Metre class saw two early leaders emerge in the Brazilian boat Wright on White and Kiwi Magic. The two Grand Prix boats traded first and seconds for most of the day, with Wright on White finishing the first day with 6 points, 2 less than Kiwi Magic.

Top-three Results

Day 1


IRC Class 1

1. Jim Madden, Newport Beach, Calif., Stark Raving Mad, R/P 66, 2-2-1-3, 8
2. Chuck Townsend, Newport, R.I., T-Squared, Davidson 52, 3-1-6-1, 11
3. Daniel Meyers, Boston, Mass., Numbers, Farr 60 5-5-2-2, 14

IRC Class 2


1. Blair Brown, Newton, Mass., Sforzando, Taylor 45, 3-3-1-1, 8
2. Andrew Fisher, Greenwich, Conn., Bandit, Swan 45, 2-2-2-3, 9
3.Ron O’Hanley, Boston, Mass., Privateer, Swan 48/2, 1-1-3-6, 11

PHRF Class 3

1. Craig Albrecht, Sea Cliff, N.Y., Avalanche, Farr 395, 1-1-1-1, 4
2. Peter Brinckerhoff, Riverside, Conn., Hooligan, Evelyn 42, 2-3-2-2, 9
3. George Isdale, Greenwich, Conn., Rampant, Diode, 4-2-5-5


Class 12 Metres (Grand Prix)

1. Wright on White, Eduardo Penido, Rio de Janeiro, BRA, Wright on White, 12 Metre, 2-1-1-1, 5
2. Kiwi Magic, Bill Koch, West Palm Beach, Fla., Kiwi Magic, 12 Metre, 1-2-2-2, 7
3. Ralph Isham, New York, N.Y., USA 61, 12 Metre, DNF-3-3-3, 13

Class 12 Metres (Modern)

1. Ernest Jacquet, Boston, Mass., Freedom, 12 Metre, 3-1-2-1, 7
2. John P. Curtin, New York, N.Y., Intrepid, 12 Metre, 2-2-1-2, 7
3. Craig Millard, Newport, R.I., Courageous, 12 Metre, 1-3-3-3, 10

Classic 12 Metres (Classic)

1. Alain Hanover, Newport, R.I., Columbia, 12 Metre, 1-1-1-1, 4

IRC Class 4

1. Four Stars, Timothy McAdams, Brewster, Mass., Four Stars, First 44.7, 2-1-1, 4
2. Troubador, Morton Weintraub, Larchmont, N.Y., Troubador, Express 37, 3-3-3, 9
3. Elixir, Richard Casner, Dedham, Mass., Elixir, IMX 40, 6-4-2, 12

PHRF Class 5

1. Settler, Tom Rich, Middletown, R.I., Settler, Peterson 42, 1-1-1, 3
2. Gambler, John Downey, Canton, Mass., Gambler, Frers 41, 2-3-2, 7
3. Elan, John Hammel, Arlington, Mass., Elan, Beneteau 36.7, 3-2-8, 13

PHRF Class 6

1. Dick Hyde, Belmont, Mass., Freightrain, Frers 36, 1-3-1, 5
2. Anson Stookey/Fip Hallowell, Middletown, R.I., Jest, Quest 32, 3-1-2, 6
3. Warren Hudson, Chestnut Hill, Mass., Eclipse, Frers 33, 5-2-3, 10


1. Angelita, Samuel Croll, Rye, N.Y., Angelita, Eight Metre, 1-1-1, 3
2. Black Watch, Lars Forsburg, Newport, R.I., Black Watch, Custom S&S, 2-2-2, 6
3. Fortune, Don Glassie, Newport, R.I., Fortune, Custom, 3-3-3, 9


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