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Sailing World's annual Sick Day was September 28. We took the afternoon off and went for a swim (ahem, sail) around the bay. How did you spend your sick day?

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September 28 is our Sick Day

For this year’s edition of our Sailing World Sick Day, Dave Reed and I were looking for an upgrade. Last year, we ripped around on one of Sail Newport’s C420s with the trap and chute, bringing back memories of summers spent at junior sailing. As fun as it was, we were looking for a new, wild ride for our Sick Day.

So, we found a Vanguard Vector that Rob Swift was kind enough to lend us for the day. Rumor had it that the Vector was a tricky beast to handle, and Rob confirmed our suspicions. But, we put aside our worries as we rigged up and very carefully launched the tippy craft at Sail Newport on the sunny and windy September day.

We managed to get out of the harbor with only a few minor incidents. Once we were clear of boats, Dave hooked in and played the main from out on the trap. I focused on driving through the shifty puffs that hit us as we sped past the corner of Goat Island.


Starting to feel a bit more comfortable, Dave grabbed the tiller as I clipped in. But, our time out on the wire was short-lived as we neared the shore. We carefully executed a jibe, and then got slammed by a puff before we had the chance to get back out on the wire. We flipped. And then we flipped again, and again, and…

We eventually got back to shore with salt water in our lungs, and bruises starting to form from our battles against the boat. Somehow, despite our frustration, we both agreed that it had been fun in a twisted way.

Learn more about our Sick Day through our Facebook event page, and post your own photos, videos and stories to our event wall. You can also share through our Sick Day forum, and post photos and videos through our website.


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