Summer Photo Contest Results

Rob Migliaccio's "Wall of Spray" wowed the judges with its hyperrealism.
Sailing World


Courtesy Steiner

Sometimes, a great sailing photo can have you saying, “Man, I wish I was there.” Other times, a photo elicits the opposite response, as in, “Man, I’m glad that wasn’t me.”

In the case of Rob Migliaccio’s “Wall of Spray”—shot during Salve Regina’s Fowle Team Race Trophy in Newport, R.I., in May—we’ll let you decide. Personally, we’d rather not take a dumpsterfull of springtime saltwater down our spray tops. Maybe you disagree. Maybe you’d be happy to switch places with the college sailors captured in Migliaccio’s lens. Regardless, the photo has an undeniable wow factor, which caused the judges to select it as the winning submission to Sailing World‘s Summer Photo Contest.

As the grand-prize winner, Migliaccio will receive a pair of 7×30 Navigator Pro binoculars by Steiner. Thanks to everyone who submitted photos. The judges were senior editor Stuart Streuli, marketing coordinator Lindsey Nahmias, and associate editor Michael Lovett.


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** First Place **

Contributor: rmigliaccio (Rob Migliaccio)
Title: “Wall of Spray”
rmigliaccio’s Description: “College Sailing – Fowle Team Race Trophy – Newport, RI – May, 2010”
Judge’s Comments:
“Great action pure and simple. Who could look at that and say sailing isn’t a tough sport?” -Stuart Streuli
“The spray in this photo is so intense, it almost looks fake—like there’s someone off camera, drenching the crew with a fire hose. Great effect!” —Michael Lovett


** Second Place **

Contributor: dinghyman
Title: “Yeha! Passing lane…”
dinghyman’s Description: “See, aren’t you glad we set the chute? Thistles 2010 – Yale Lake, Cougar WA”
Judge’s Comments:
“I’m partial towards Thistles, partly because of the thrills they serve up on heavy-air reaches like the one captured here. The boats look good from any angle, as dinghyman proves with this uncommon perspective.” -Michael Lovett
“Composition is unique. Great color.” -Stuart Streuli

** Third Place **


Contributor: janpix
Title: “2010 Leukemia Cup – Seattle, WA”
Judge’s Comments:
“I like this photo because it has emotion. The other nominees had great artistic characteristics—lighting, composition, etc.—but this is the only one that made me feel something. These girls look like they’re really having a good time.”-Lindsey Nahmias
“These women may not always be the hardest hikers on the racecourse, but they put on a show—and a smile—for the camera. You have to appreciate their enthusiasm. For me, this photo serves as a reminder that not everybody can win, but everybody CAN have a great time.” -Michael Lovett

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