In this Issue: November/December 2011

Get an inside look at the 2011-'12 Volvo Ocean Race, learn how to come out ahead of the starboard-layline pile up, and read about the one race week's emphasis on fun.
Sailing World

November/December 2011

**A Walk on the Wild Side
The Extreme Sailing Series pioneered modern-day “stadium sailing,” but is it more spectacle than sport? An Olympic medalist investigates.
By Bob Merrick

Survival of the Funnest
The Pacific Northwest’s premiere race week is known as much for what happens off the racecourse as what happens on it.
By Kurt Hoehne

No Stranger to the Grind
For Amanda Clark, 15 years on the U.S. Sailing Team AlphaGraphics comes with no guarantees as she aims toward the 2012 Olympics.
By Stuart Streuli


Speaking from Experience
If there’s a winning formula for the 2011-’12 Volvo Ocean Race, it’s this: hire as many guys who have previously won the race as possible.
By Dave Reed

Tech Review
A Formidable Fleet
Five new designs, all for one-boat campaigns, could make this the most competitive VOR ever.

Gear Box
New displays from B&G offer grandprix functionality on a beer-can budget.


From the Experts
Andy Horton shows us how to play the inside and come out ahead of the starboard-layline pile up.

Don’t view it as the end of one race, says Steve Hunt, it’s actually the beginning of another. Time to get to work.

When a mishap throws you off your game, says Dr. Gavin Dagley, remember these keywords: concentration and anticipation.


Even for casual beer-can races, the nautical rules of the road are a poor substitute for the Racing Rules of Sailing.

Editor’s Letter
Sailors’ Forum
Starting Line
Jobson Report
Gaining Bearing
Ask Dr. Crash