In this Issue: January/February 2012

Meet the 2012 Boat of the Year winners, and head down under for Hamilton Island Race Week.
Sailing World

Sailing World: January/February 2012

It’s our 50th Anniversary this year!

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**Features **
The Chosen Ones
If this year’s best designs can’t shake up the establishment, we don’t know what can. With these four BOTY winners, it’s time to go racing.
By Dave Reed, Photos by Walter Cooper

Australia’s hippest winter regatta attracts top talent—sailing and otherwise—to the adult playground that is Hamilton Island.
By Michael Lovett, Photos by Andrea Francolini


Rare Air
When a Laser sailor nicknamed Rambo shows up at a regatta in the mountains outside Salt Lake City, it’s best to just enjoy the view.
By Tim Zimmerman, Photos by Kevin Hooker

Tech Review
Sail Tech
An ensemble of cameras, computers, and software is taking the science of sail trim to a whole new level.

Gear Box
If you’re ready to stream your race-day highlight reel, consider one of these five rugged video cams.


From the Experts
Winner’s Debrief
The best way to prepare for a big regatta may be by forming a cohesive training group. It’s also a lot cheaper.

Doctor Dagley gets enlightened on current-influenced windshifts.

The rules experts think they have a way to improve rules compliance, but they need your help.


**Columns **
Editor’s Letter
Sailors’ Forum
Starting Line
Jobson Report
Gaining Bearing
Ask Dr. Crash