J/29, PHRF, low-budget, racing

February 8, 2002
Joe Comeau

The J/29 is a popular boat across the country. TPI in Warren, R.I., built 289 J/29s between 1982 and 1987. Today the boat has an average selling price of $25,000. According to a number of owners, the Rod Johnstone design sails well in all conditions, but does best in moderate wind. Expect to enlist a six- to nine-person crew.

J/29s are noted for their stability. “Even in heavy air,” says one owner, “the helm is comfortable and the boat never feels as if it’s on the edge of a wipeout as do some lighter boats I’ve driven and crewed on.” If you buy a J/29 that was previously raced, you’ll likely find that the foils and hull have already been professionally faired.

The J/29 is available with fractional or masthead rig and either inboard or outboard auxiliary power. According to our race-board denizens, a masthead rig with outboard motor is the most competitive configuration. A laminated racing main, jib, and spinnaker cost approximately $8,500 for a J/29.


Typical monthly costs: $820
Annual budget range: $2,000 to $13,000
PHRF 111 to 120
LOA 29’6″
LWL 25′
Beam 11′
Draft 5′ 6″
Disp. 6,000 lbs.
SA 450 sq. ft.

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