2009 BOTY Contest: Letter to Builders


May 15, 2008

Dear Colleagues:

If you have introduced a new boat since October 2007, we invite you to enter it in Cruising World’s and/or Sailing World’s 2009 Boat of the Year competition.


When are the deadlines?
If you’re bringing a new sailboat to the U.S. market this season, please complete the enclosed entry form and release, then return them to us by June 20, 2008. You may, however, later amend or supplement this information if you need to do so. Even if you don’t plan to enter you boat in the BOTY competition, we’d still like to learn about it by the same date so we can include it in articles for our October issues.

How does it work?
As in previous years, a nominating round will be held prior to the contest’s judging round. During the judging round there will be dockside inspections, followed by sea trials. Our judges, with their varied industry backgrounds, consider many factors, including design, construction, seaworthiness, purpose of boat, performance, suitability for the intended use, commercial viability, and value. This is followed by in-depth discussions to evaluate each boat once dockside visits and sea trials are completed. (Please see 2009 Boat of the Year Rules for details.)

What do we need?
For the nomination round this fall, and for the judges’ correct understanding of your boat, we’re requesting that you supply us with your entry form and as complete a package of supporting materials as you can
compile by June 20, 2008, including:
Sales brochures/buyer’s literature
Designer’s statement of purpose
CD with the following in digital format: profile plans (including underbody and keel options), sail plans, accommodations plans, transverse stability curve (IMS method and for monohulls only), polar diagram, high-resolution photos, descriptive summary (one paragraph long) of the boat and its intended use.


If you have any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

We’re looking forward to your entry in the 2009 Boat of the Year contest, and thank you in advance for your interest and for your kind help.



Mark Pillsbury
Cruising World BOTY Director

Tony Bessinger
Sailing World BOTY Director