Mean Machine Cancels Volvo Bid


Mean Machine's CEO and founder Peter de Ridder has announced the team have suspended their Volvo Ocean Race 2008/09 project. Along with Skipper of the project Ray Davies, and Operations Manager Dirk de Ridder, this tough decision has been reached after ten months of hard work.The main reasons for this turnaround are financial. The team find themselves without sufficient sponsorship to cover the considerable budget for a project of these proportions. The lack of funding at this point has a direct impact on the timings in terms of logistics and the construction of a new boat. The team's commitment to sailing excellence has lead them to decide that withdrawl from the competition is the best realistic option. This cancelation hasn't dampened the spirits of a team with more than 20 years of sailing history behind them. The strong team philosophy behind this sailing platform means De Ridder's crew will carry on competing to the highest level in the TP 52 class and