Dancing Bear Transpac Report No. 1: It's Slow Out Here, Friends

Light winds are the story of the race thus far.

When you can't shake the moth, fluttering in the stern light on a still and fluky evening, you know you're in deep. Real deep. Welcome to the good ship Dancing Bear, currently en route to Hawaii in the 100th anniversary of the epic Transpac Race. At this rate, we're confident of landfall in Honolulu sometime just before the 200th anniversary of the epic Transpac Race. It's slow out here, friends. We're currently making about 3 knots and have just passed Santa Barbara Island. Only one of the crew was physically restrained from leaping overboard and swimming for shore. For precautionary reasons, skipper Mark Schrader has informed us we will not be sailing close abeam any further islands until those associated with the 50th state. For the complete story, click here