Best of Dr. Crash

Check out all the best crashes, wipeouts and mishaps that Dr. Crash has caught on camera!

Even the pros wipeout sometimes. Thankfully when they do, Dr. Crash is there to capture the slips, swims and crashes in all their glory! Here are a few of your favourite photos from this year’s Wipeout Wednesday series on Instagram!

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And remember… Dr. Crash is always watching!

The bowman on KZ-3 takes a dive, but makes sure to follow the golden rule: If you must wipeout, always do so with jazz-hands. Stephen Cloutier
Always adhere to the golden rule. Frank Quealey
If you think nobody saw it, Dr. Crash probably did. Bob Greiser
The ex-World Champion boat lost it’s mast at the Maxi Rolex Cup… Now that’s what we call a tough break. Carlo Borlenghi
Another tough break, Red Bull Sailing Team loses the top half of their mast at the Extreme Sailing Series in Istanbul. Dean Treml
Quantum Racing tests their new sea anchor at the 52 Super Series in Valencia. Barracuda Communication
Not exactly what the skipper had in mind when he told his bowman to “go fly a kite.” Paul Todd/Outside Images
In a last ditch effort, they sent one of their crew to sabotage the competition. Robert Hajduk
Some people just don’t have the chops to sail F18s… Jasper van Staveren
Remember: when going for windward heel, it’s much faster if your sails are above water. WMRT
Always make sure that you have all your ducks in a row before a day of sailing. Jesus Renedo
Don’t forget to check your rudder for debris to maximize speed. Erik Simonson
Some people take the phrase “put the bow down” a little too literally. Martinez Studio
Rule 14: A boat shall avoid contact with another boat if reasonably possible. Lloyd Images
Last but not least, a wipeout with a comeback. In just a few short months, Vestas Wind made their return to the Volvo Ocean Race with a second place stage finish, hot off a reef in the Indian Ocean. Brian Carlin