Dr. Crash Photo Contest Results

Paul Odegaard's "Max # of kids on a Sunfish" swayed the doctor's sympathetic heart.

May 4, 2011
Sailing World


Paul Odegaard’s “Max # of kids on a Sunfish” took first place in our first-ever Dr. Crash photo contest. View all submissions.

With so much mayhem flooding into the Dr. Crash Photo Gallery, the Doctor of Disaster has been awfully busy in the operating room. But when he found time to choose a winner for his first-ever photo contest, Dr. Crash’s sympathetic heart was swayed by some of his younger patients—the subjects of Paul Odegaard’s submission, “Max # of kids on a Sunfish.”

Here’s what the doctor had to say about his selection:

You’re never too young to start your nautical career in colorful calamities, and these kids are certainly proving that point. It warms your doctor’s heart to see such creativity and sheer love for pushing boats beyond their everyday limit. Let’s hope that the ravages of time won’t dampening these sailors’ penchant for extreme fun and wetness on a boat!

Dr. Crash

For his victory, Odegaard wins aa Neoprene Skin top and bottom wetsuit combo (see below) from Ronstan. First and second runners up Trevor Wilkins and Sara Proctor will each receive a pair of Ronstan racing gloves.


Thanks to everyone who entered, and stay tuned for the next Sailing World photos contest, coming soon…

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