Oct. '04 Quiz Results

1. Is it OK to ask your friends to help by covering or tacking on a competitor on the last day of a regatta? Yes: 2% No: 98% 2. Is it OK for them to help you if you didn't ask? Yes: 33% No: 67% 3. Should you share your tuning measurements with anyone who asks? Yes: 58% No: 42% 4. Is it OK to climb on a competitor's boat to measure its rig without their permission? Yes: 5% No: 95% 5. If a country is trying to earn an Olympic slot, is it OK for its countrymen to slow up the closest competition to help their country qualify? Yes: 26% No: 74% 6. Is it wrong to change the set-up of your boat right before you switch out of it in a round-robin event? Yes: 47% No: 53% 7. What should you do if you sail on a big boat on which the crew is cheating by moving the sails after tacking? 86% Voice your opinion that it's wrong 7% Inform protest committee or opponent after finishing 5% Nothing 2% Help out Eds note: results based on 368 responses (Oct. & Nov. '04)