Bottom Paint: Southern States

Southern States


Floridians face some of the worst fouling problems in the country, and when it comes to picking the right paint formulation, the combination of warm water, abundant sunshine and a year-round boating season tips the scales toward biocide-content paint. Pros spraying racing bottoms in both east and west coast yards combat the influence of warm nutrient rich water through the use of the best high-biocide paints and they tend to apply more material than their northern cousins. Many club racers from Texas to Florida opt for high-copper, non-ablative coatings like Pettit's Trinidad, Interlux's Ultra-Kote, and Sea Hawk's Tropikote as products that keep warm water marine growth to a minimum. These hard, high-copper, leaching paints are initially less smooth than their lower copper content cousins, but they can be burnished through wet sanding to a smooth surface. Many pros in the south recommend top-tier ablative coatings, and once again Interlux's Micron 66, Awlgrip's Awlstar Gold Label, Pettit's Ultima, and Sea Hawk's Islands 77 have strong followings.