Boat of the Year 2020

From a field of 11 new racing sailboats, the Jeanneau Sun Fast 3300 earns its Boat of the Year title. Plus winning designs from J Boats, Tiwal, Fast Forward Composites, and Foiling World

Jeanneau Sun Fast 3300

Eleven performance sailing designs, some fresh from factories and some new to the US market, were presented to Sailing World’s  judging panel in October, each vying for the title of the one and only Boat of the Year. From day racers to shorthanded machines, to inflatable toys and foilers to one amazing wing-driven carbon sculpture, the judges had their hands and minds full during a week of sailing on the Chesapeake Bay. Design, purpose, construction quality, performance under sail and innovation were the parameters against which each boat was measured—and with little debate in the end, this year’s winner emerged as a unanimous favorite.

Boat of the Year 2020

Boat of the Year 2020 Overall Winner: Jeanneau Sun Fast 330

Boat of the Year's Best of 2020

The 2020 Boat of the Year Team:

Judges: Dave Powlinson, Greg Stewart & Chuck Allen 

Highfield DL640, Boat of the Year Support Rib

The official RIB of Sailing World‘s Boat of the Year

Walter Cooper for photography