How to Rig a Mainsheet Traveler Block to Stand Upright

Looking for a clean way to keep a traveler-mounted, tied mainsheet block upright? At a recent MC Scow event, I discovered what many scow sailors are doing.

The traveler line is used to support the mainsheet block upright on an MC Scow.Dave Powlison

Usually, the tail of the traveler line is dead-ended with a knot on the block mounted on the traveler car, and that’s it. But here, after the knot, a long tail goes up through the mainsheet block then down to the traveler car block on the other side. The other side looks identical to the side shown in the photo.

One piece of line takes care of the entire traveler car purchase, on both sides. Apart from being very clean, this simple system helps hold the block upright, keeps it aligned 90 degrees to the traveler, allows it to be mounted closer to the car and eliminates some of the problems associated with stand-up springs.