Rallying Behind American Magic With Helly Hansen

The latest from the Helly Hansen and American Magic partnership is the American Magic Supporter Collection, a new product line featuring products made of highly resilient materials.
American Magic racing boat
American Magic Supporter Collection: Show Your Pride with Stylish Sailing Gear NYYC American Magic

While some might question how much trickle-down there is from the current breed of foiling America’s Cup boats to the average sailor, there’s one area certain to benefit all of us—technical sailing clothing. In their second campaign with American Magic, Helly Hansen has been in constant consultation with the team to develop what, for us, represents the next generation of innovations in technical gear. Some are specific to AC boats, such as where knives and rescue air will be stored or strategically placed armor. But other aspects, such as the continued development of highly resilient materials that allow sailors to perform at the highest levels, are something we’re already seeing in Helly Hansen’s commercially available products. And while you can’t purchase the exact gear the American Magic team wears on the water yet (select pieces will be available next year), you can get a version of it, right now, through Helly Hansen’s In-Line Sailing Collection that feature some of the favorite pieces the team uses day in and day out. It’s a win-win for everyone.

Helly Hansen’s partnership with American Magic has also resulted in something sailors will love: the AC 37 NYYC American Magic Supporter Collection. We got a sneak peek at a few samples of the product line, which will have limited availability on the Helly Hansen website, with more gear being introduced throughout the campaign. A new red, white and blue American Magic logo adorns the back of each piece of gear, as well as a smaller version of the logo on the front.

Helly Hansen Performance Gear
All-Weather Essentials: Helly Hansen’s Performance Gear for Sailors and Fans NYYC American Magic

First was the waterproof crew jacket, which is perfect for those cool spring sailing days when you’re on deck and just need a small buffer to keep the elements away, or maybe for a cool, foggy morning beach walk. It’s just a great, all-around grab-and-go jacket. You’ll appreciate the fleece-lined collar, behind which is an envelope for the hood, and fleece-lined front pockets. Speaking of pockets, there’s all you’ll need, including a front breast pocket for stashing a cellphone, the aforementioned hand-warmer pockets, and an inside security pocket.  But what’s really cool is the mesh liner in both the jacket body and the hood—the perfect moisture barrier. 

Then Helly offers the American Magic hoodie and racing tee.. The hoodie is made from cotton and includes a beefy drawstring and usual kangaroo-style pocket, for a classic comfy feel. The Racing Tee feels and acts like cotton but is actually made from recycled polyester that has been infused with recycled coffee grounds during the fiber creation process to provide everlasting UPF protection and natural anti-odor properties – yes, from recycled coffee grounds. It comes in what Helly Hansen calls a gray “fog,” in other words, a light gray. It’s a great all-around color that will keep you from overheating on hot days but not show dirt as easily as a white tee. It’s perfect for working on and around boats—or just showing support for the American Magic team. The Supporter Collection has a coolness factor that takes them well beyond your typical hoodie or tee.

American Magic Sailing Clothing
Innovative Gear: Helly Hansen’s Next-Gen Sailing Clothing for American Magic NYYC American Magic

The collection includes a wide variety of practical items, including tech T-shirts, jackets, pullovers, polo shirts, fleece, backpacks, belts and hats—something for every taste, interest and budget. And while much of it is unisex, there are a number of products designed specifically for women and kids, including a polo shirt, vest and fleece pullover for women, and tees and hats for kids. For more information on the complete collection, go to: hellyhansen.com/mens/shop-by/american-magic.