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About the Snipe

The Snipe Class International Racing Association was formed in 1932 and proudly claims the motto Serious Sailing, Serious Fun®. With over 450 members and 40 fleets throughout the United States, as well as members in at least 28 countries around the world, you’re sure to find some of that Serious Sailing, Serious Fun® whether it be at local fleet races, at regional weekend regattas, or at national and world championship events.

There are many things that make this boat so popular. The Snipe is a classical beauty that sails well and safely even in heavy wind conditions. The purchase price is attractive and the boat keeps its value and racing performance for years. You are free to compare it’s multiuser behavior and tactical challenges to any other class. Most importantly, you can stay in the same class and enjoy the same friends for the whole lifetime.

Snipe Class One Design

The Snipe Class International Racing Association (SCIRA) is a widely popular and well run organization all over the world. One of the things that makes the class so strong is the local fleet activities. You may find a local Snipe Fleet close to your living area. And if not, you may collect a group of interested Snipe Sailors and start a new one. In this case be in contact with the class office.

Also of interest and importance are international activities. Races are arranged in Europe, Americas and in Orient. The Snipe Class offers the best racing calendar you can imagine – for champions and beginners consisting of World Championships, Western hemisphere’s and North Americans, not to forget several international Snipe Regattas.

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Snipe Class
Snipe Class

Class Information:

Class Contact: Jerelyn Biehl

Class Contact Email: [email protected]

Class Contact Phone: 619-224-6998

Class Website:

Social Media: Facebook | Instagram |

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Class Specs

LOA: 15 ft 6 in 

LWL: 3 ft 6 in  

Beam: 5 ft 

Draft: 3 ft 3 in 

Weight: 381 lbs 

Sail Area: 128 sq ft

Class News

snipe class

A World of Snipe

The Snipe dinghy provides more than great one-design sailing experience; it connects you to a global family.