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The Best Sailing Hydrofoil is Keeping Our Oceans Clean

Process improvement in production is virtually a religion for the team at Fulcrum Speedworks, the makers of the sailing hydrofoil known as the UFO. Manufacturing can be a very dirty business if you let it. One of the biggest benefits of process improvement is defeating waste and trash with each enhancement. “As manufacturers, Fulcrum Speedworks is on the front line of the battle to keep our planet clean, and how we behave has enormous consequences.” Says Dave Clark, Fulcrum’s president. “This is one of many reasons we take pride in managing the production process under our own roof. Our goal is to let everyone who can sail on our oceans, fly on our oceans. It is vital that this be achieved while being mindful of the environmental ramifications of producing the single most cost effective and user friendly foiling sailboat in the world.” With 280 UFOs produced to date and many more to come, it’s easy to imagine what efforts like this tally up to.

Learn more about how you can join Fulcrum Speedworks’ mission to conserve the best foiling venues in the universe!


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