Shamrock V Turns 86

The last remaining wooden J-Class, Shamrock V, just got a little older, celebrating 86 years at sea.
Shamrock V
Shamrock V in action. via Pendennis Shipyard

The J-Class Shamrock V just got a little older, the yacht has just celebrated 86 years at sea.

Shamrock V was originally owned by Sir Thomas Lipton, famous for his import of Lipton Tea from India.

Shamrock was built in 1930 for Sir Thomas’s fifth and last America’s Cup challenge. Designed by Nicholson, it was the first British yacht to be built to the new J Class Rule and is the only remaining J to have been built in wood. After launch she was continually upgraded with changes to hull shape and rudder. The rig was also modified to create the most effective racing sail plan but she was no match for the faster US design Enterprise.


Sir Thomas made all five of his America’s Cup challenges as a member of Royal Ulster Yacht Club, a club that continues to this day to have a strong involvement with The Cup.

Today, Shamrock can be found on charters in the Med, or racing on the classic yacht circuit.

Check out the original footage of Shamrock V‘s launch below