Schock 40

Best Overall, Best Sportboat, Best Innovation

The Best Sportboat category emphasizes all-out performance in a team-oriented raceboat. The boats considered in this category were the J/145, Schock 40, and the Sydney 38. The winner of this category goes to a boat, whose sailing qualities had our judges proclaiming, " flat out rips up, down and across the wind." The Best Sportboat award goes to the Schock 40, built by W.D. Schock Corp.

The Best Innovation category recognizes advances in design from builders who have solved technical or ergonomic problems in an innovative way. All the boats in the contest are candidates for this prize. The prize goes to a boat our judges found "would influence keelboat design for years to come": the Schock 40, built by W.D. Schock Corp.

Now for the overall winner. A blend of performance and innovation, our judges were unanimous in proclaiming the Schock 40 as Sailing World’s Overall Performance Boat of the Year for 2001. Congratulations to the builder, W.D Schock Corp and the designers at DynaYachts for bringing this innovative twin foil, canting ballast boat to the market after 14 years of dedicated testing. This is trickle down technology from Americas Cup technology at its best.