Santana 30/30

Santana 30/30, PHRF, low-budget, racing
Joe Comeau

W.D. Schock built 100 Santana 30/30s from 1982 to 1987, and the average price today is $28,000. The 100 hulls are evenly divided between two models–the Performance Cruiser (PC) and the Grand Prix (GP). Both models have rod rigging, hydraulic backstays, and internal halyards, but the GP, with its lower cabin and fewer interior amenities, is the model you want for racing. A typical PHRF rating for the Santana 30/30 GP is 114, and the boat is raced with six crew.

These Nelson/Marek designs sail to their rating best in medium air. If you need to add a racing bottom, it will cost approximately $2,000. A new set of laminated sails–main, jib, and spinnaker–can cost as much as $9,000.

Santana 30/30
Typical monthly costs: $852
Annual budget range: $4,000 to $10,000
PHRF 114 to 120
LOA 29’11”
LWL 25’5″
Beam 10’3″
Draft 5’6″
Disp. 6,800 lbs.
SA 637 sq. ft.


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