S2 9.1

S2 9.1, PHRF, low-budget, racing
Joe Comeau

S2 built 128 of its popular 9.1 between 1983 and 1987. Prices today vary widely with condition, but average $28,000. The first seven boats came with shorter rigs that led owners to complain the boat was underpowered. S2 responded by providing subsequent boats with a taller rig, which is now the class standard. The S2 9.1 performs best in medium air. You’ll need up to eight crew to race with a spinnaker.

Some boats require structural repairs at the mast step or on the floor, which could cost as much as $4,000. One successful racer from Seattle says that his S2 9.1 tall-rig boat is a good all-rounder in medium air, best upwind at the upper end of a No. 1, and can sail well going deep on a downwind leg. Racing sails for these G&S; Design Group boats will cost up to $8,500.

S2 9.1
Typical monthly costs: $852
Annual budget range: $3,000 to $13,000
PHRF 123 to 135
LOA 29’10”
LWL 25′
Beam 10’6″
Draft 5’6″
Disp. 7850 lbs.
SA 489 sq. ft.


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