New Photo Gallery: Building Esmeralda

Carbon fiber play-by-play, as photographed at Goetz Custom Boats in Bristol, R.I.

This winter, at Goetz Custom Boats in Bristol, R.I., a Transpac 52 named Esmeralda is being built for Japanese businessman Makoto Uematsu. The boat, a Bruce Farr design, is the first of at least three that will be built at Goetz from the same mold, and may well be the breath of fresh air that owners in search of a grand-prix rule have been waiting for. We've been in on the build of this carbon-fiber speedster since the first pieces of timber were laid out on the shop floor last October, and thanks to John Boone and other Goetz employees, we've got a great image library of the construction for you to check out. We'll be adding to this gallery every couple of weeks until the boat sails its first event, so remember to check back in and see the latest.