Evelyn 32-2

Evelyn 32-2, PHRF, low-budget, racing

Joe Comeau

Fifty-seven Bob Evelyn-designed Evelyn 32s were built from 1983 through 1985. The first seven hulls where built at Evelyn’s Formula Yachts shop in Groton, Conn., and C&C; in Middletown, R.I, built the rest. The early hulls had Divinycell cores while the later ones had balsa cores. The average selling price for one of these boats today is $23,000. You’ll need seven or eight crew to race, especially in heavy air. Like most lightweight boats, this one performs best in light air. There’s only 5’4" of headroom below, and these boats generally have simple, but comfortable, interiors. Less than half of the boats had outboard power, and these boats fall at the lower end of the rating range. Yanmar engines powered the inboard models. Some owners say that the early boats are lighter, stiffer, and faster; most agree that the C&C; boats had a nicer molded interior. A new suit of racing sails--main, No. 1, and spinnaker--costs approximately $8,000.

Evelyn 32-2
Typical monthly costs: $799
Annual budget range: $2,000 to $8,000
PHRF 93 to 105
LOA 32'1"
LWL 28'2"
Beam 9'8"
Draft 6'
Disp. 5,150 lbs.
SA 441 sq. ft.