America’s Cup Superyacht Program

Superyachts will gather together in Bermuda for the 35th America's Cup.
Superyachts will gather in number in Bermuda for the 35th America’s Cup. Rupert Peace

The 35th America’s Cup in Bermuda will feature the fastest yachts in the 166 year history of the competition. The sailors racing those yachts, known as America’s Cup Class (ACC) yachts, are supreme athletes, comparable to NFL linebackers or Olympic sprinters in terms of power output and athletic ability; and the crystal clear, turquoise waters of Bermuda provide the perfect stage on which to run the greatest race on water.

However, the 35th America’s Cup is not just about racing on Bermuda’s waters. The events are also going to play host to one of the greatest gatherings of superyachts in history. These incredible boats, beautiful to look at and awe-inspiring in size and impact, will add to the sheer spectacle of the America’s Cup, as well as adding yet more numbers to the thousands of people travelling to Bermuda to witness what many experts are already saying could be the greatest America’s Cup yet.

Superyachts are a very important part of the America’s Cup and, reflecting the high value of their role in the events that will take place in Bermuda in May and June, a dedicated America’s Cup Superyacht Program was created by the America’s Cup Event Authority (ACEA), in conjunction with BWA Yachting. BWA Yachting played a central role in the America’s Cup Superyacht Program at the 34th America’s Cup in San Francisco in 2013. Their knowledge, expertise, and the trust the superyacht community has in BWA Yachting made them the perfect partners for the America’s Cup Superyacht Program in Bermuda in 2017.


Sam Hollis, COO of the ACEA, explained that “we have made great efforts to engage the global superyacht community and we are looking forward to showcasing some of the world’s biggest and most beautiful superyachts at the heart of our event. We are offering incredible access for owners, including front row viewing of the race course, premium berthing at America’s Cup Village and experiences and opportunities that, really, money can’t buy. We are aiming to exceed their expectations, which of course is a hard objective to achieve, but with the hard work and dedication of all our partners I am confident that we will do just that. We are sure that this will be another aspect of the America’s Cup that will live long and positively in the memories of all those who take part.”

Stefano Tositti, CEO of BWA Yachting, added “through our experience and expertise we look forward to delivering the America’s Cup Superyacht Program, making it the experience of a lifetime for everyone who will join us at this exclusive event. BWA Yachting is proud to, once again, be partnering with the America’s Cup Event Authority to deliver the America’s Cup Superyacht Program, this time in beautiful Bermuda – perhaps the perfect setting for superyachts and the America’s Cup to come together again.”

“The exclusive America’s Cup Superyacht Program will bring a stunning number of superyachts to Bermuda, and their owners, guests and crews will be welcomed as part of the America’s Cup family” explained Laura Esteve, BWA Yachting’s VP Americas. “BWA Yachting is honored to be part of this family and we look forward to providing impeccable services to our elite clients.”


The America’s Cup Superyacht Program was assisted hugely by special legislation passed by the Bermuda Government for the 35th America’s Cup enticing superyachts to come to Bermuda. Brand new superyacht marinas have also been built at the heart of the America’s Cup Village at Royal Naval Dockyard and at Front Street in Hamilton, the capital city. Together with marketing support from the Bermuda Tourism Authority, these initiatives have enabled Bermuda to engage the global superyacht community and really put Bermuda on the map for superyachts.

The original America’s Cup Superyacht Program had 39 berths allocated for superyachts coming into Bermuda from all over the world. Due to overwhelming demand, that number was extended to 50 berths and the total allocation is now very close to being sold out, with just one berth left for a megayacht and an extensive waiting list of superyachts ready to join the action should spare berths become available.

The America’s Cup Superyacht Program is not just about beautiful yachts watching the action. It also incorporates racing with the America’s Cup Superyacht Regatta, being run from 13 – 15 June in conjunction with Boat International. 19 superyachts are already entered, including Adela, the 55 metre superyacht which won the 2013 America’s Cup Superyacht Regatta, and a long list of enquiries is being assessed for additional entries.


Last, but clearly by no means least (and for some, the ultimate expression of America’s Cup history), is the America’s Cup J Class Regatta. This will take place on 16, 19 and 20 June and will feature some of the most iconic boats in the history of the America’s Cup, with eight of the nine existing J Class boats committed to participating in three days of racing scheduled around the first weekend of the America’s Cup Match presented by Louis Vuitton.