2014 Newport for New Products Winners

New boats and products on display at the 2014 Newport International Boat Show were judged by industry experts and show attendees. The winners are...

The annual Newport for New Products program recognizes innovation, value and aesthetics and is open to all boats and gear making their US boat-show debut at the Newport International Boat Show. One winner from each category was announced on Friday, September 12th at the show.

A highlight of the industry, NFNP entries were open to domestic and foreign products launched in the U.S. after April 1, 2014 that made their boat show debut at Newport. Show attendees selected the People’s Choice Award winner; all other category winners were selected by a team of industry experts on the basis of innovation, value to the consumer, safety and aesthetics.

“We were extremely impressed by the number and quality of entries this year,” said Nancy Piffard, show director of Newport Exhibition Group. “This is a new record for the Newport for New Products program, and we are pleased to have these boats and products represent all of the new and exciting introductions at the Newport International Boat Show.”


2014 Newport for New Products Winners

Presented by Gunboat
“The Gunboat 55 innovation and esthetics are incredible. Its coolest feature is its unbelievable sightlines that make it easy to cruise in multi-vessel environments ferries, paddle boarders, and everything in between. A performance boat that is designed for owner/operators, it features super huge appointments. Its innovations and flexible layout options are something I believe other manufacturers will chase. This is a sweet boat.”

Presented by Zim Sailing
“The Wanderer is extremely versatile and ideal for a wide audience. Light weight and offering good use of space; the Wanderer can be moored and is easily trailered. This is a really nice boat.”

Presented by B&G
“B&G ForwardScan delivers something every boater should know – how deep is the water ahead of my boat. With a range of 10 times the depth of the water under the boat, this product is applicable for any boating type – whether yachting, power cruising, sailing or fishing – in any size boat and in any waters. What’s more, it is insanely affordable – this is a must.”


Presented by Nightwatch Marine
“The Nightwatch Marine Wireless LED Lights embodies the concept of new products and innovation. The company saw a real problem and solved it. Their lights provide so much flexibility and can be put anywhere for any purpose for interior and exterior applications.”

BEST NEW POWERBOAT 30’+ and BEST OVERALL POWERBOAT: True North 34 Outboard Express
Presented by US Watercraft
“This was a tough category, all products had great features. Whether your boating takes you fishing, diving, or a day out with the family, the True North 34 Outboard Express can be any powerboat you want. It offers so much flexibility. The outboards open up the deck space, and the adventure racks and optional side door for scuba diving, coupled with a 2-foot draft for accessibility and joystick handling really shows how the Outboard Express is meant to be used.”

BEST NEW POWERBOAT UNDER 30′: Vanquish 26 Dual Console
Presented by Vanquish Boats
“The Vanquish 26 Dual Console is a great day boat. Designed by people that know what it is like to entertain on a boat, it is loaded with options. Its multiple pedestal points to move the table is extremely useful and allows boaters to rearrange the space to suit specific needs. Offering plenty of storage, Fusion sound, low draft and outboard engines, Vanquish’s goal was to develop a family friendly boat and they nailed it.”


Building upon the success of her earlier sisters, the 55 is the ultimate performance cat for those planning to circumnavigate as owner-operators. The series was designed on the principles of simplicity, reliability and ease of access, and is perfect for those who enjoy sailing and exploring without crew.

For more information about the Newport International Boat Show and to see the powerboat entries in the Newport for New Products program, visit the website.

2014 Newport for New Products Entries



Bavaria Cruiser 46 A collaboration of Bavaria & Farr Design, the new Cruiser 46 features an appealing, modern profile. On deck, the spacious cockpit includes a full-width lowering transom/swim platform. Below, a proportioned layout is complemented with numerous choices of woods, flooring and fabrics. Standard features include furling mast, electronics, plus comfort/convenience packages. Visit our Website

Redline 41 With winning performance in its genes, the Redline 41 is a powerful racer and cruiser. Nearly every aspect of the boat is fully customizable. Competitive hardcore racers will be able to keep her light and fast while also enjoying comfortable accommodations. Visit our Website

C&C 30 One Design A high performance race boat that offers the thrill and technology of grand prix sailing in a size that is fun, easy to sail and affordable. C&C 30 One Design: the fun is just beginning. Visit our Website

Flash e33LM Features a solid glass bottom, topsides planked in western cedar with a 6 oz. fiberglass boat cloth set in clear coating for a bright finish. The interior includes select mahogany bulkheads and cabinets with custom trim and moldings. Additional new features include a redesigned sail plan with self-tacking jib and a 4ft. 9in. shoal draft. Visit our Website

Gunboat 55 Building upon the success of her earlier sisters, the 55 is the ultimate performance cat for those planning to circumnavigate as owner-operators. The series was designed on the principles of simplicity, reliability and ease of access, and is perfect for those who enjoy sailing and exploring without crew. Visit our Website

VAr 37 VAr represents a return to basics; a simple, fast, elegant and strongly built racer cruiser with quality gear like a Selden mast, Jefa roller bearings on the steering, and B&G electronics. Visit our Website

Salona 33 This new design incorporates many features recommended by Salonas cruising and racing customers. The entire team came together and agreed on one simple goal – to design and build a globally competitive fast sailing yacht that can win any regatta, and at the same time provide uncompromised comfort and safety while cruising. Visit our Website


Hartley 10 This durable, simple, stable dinghy is well-suited for training or recreational use. With a cockpit big enough for two, a simple sail plan, high boom, aluminum blades, tough roto-molded construction and an optional rowing package – the Hartley 10 is a long-lasting versatile boat. The ability to mount a small engine makes it a great option for a large boat tender. Visit our Website

Hartley 12 Like the smaller version, this durable, simple, stable dinghy is perfect for recreational and learn-to-sail programs. Features include high freeboard, deep roomy cockpit with space for 3 or 4, high boom, open transom, tough roto-molded construction, kick-up rudder and centerboard. Only 137lbs, its easy to pull up to a beach, ramp, or dock. Simple sail plan and an easily reefed main can be rigged in just minutes. Visit our Website

Wanderer At only 287 lbs., this 14 ft. sailing dinghy accommodates sailors of all skill levels. Its traditional design and sail plan make it stable in all weather conditions. Other features include a roomy cockpit, interior seats and high boom, a self-draining cockpit, optional additional seating and optional gear locker. The Wanderer can be used as a training boat or casual day sailor. Visit our Website


Gas Shok/Desl Shok/Fuel Polishing Service Non-alcohol, non-acid-based fuel treatment products are true water absorbers, fuel stabilizers, increase lubricity and boost the Octane and Cetane. Both products encapsulate water in the fuel and other contaminates to be filtered out through a unique filtration process. Service is fully mobile. Visit our Website

Plastimo Trans-Ocean ISO Life Rafts Available in Valise or Canister style, 4-, 6- or 8-man. The canister version is approved to ISAF standard. All rafts feature the Plastimo exclusive tube within a tube construction to ensure the raft does not deflate if one tube is damaged. Includes greater than 24 hr. safety packs and double insulated floor. 12-year warranty (3 service inspections included.) Visit our Website

Inflatable Dan Buoy ISAF Compliant Inflatable Dan Buoy with adjustable webbing sling seat for man-over-board to rest on with an easy-to-grab handle. 150 N of buoyancy. Automatically activated light with 8-hour duration. A rigid ballast with V-shaped batten structure, acting like a keel for optimum stability. Includes a drogue anchor and yellow ABS canister. Visit our Website

Olympic 115 Compass All new SOLAS approved Olympic 115 compass universally balanced to operate anywhere in the world. Comes in white or black with flat or conical cards. Separate binnacles are available. Features LED lighting for night use. For yachts 19-40 feet. Visit our Website

Merlin II Automatically regulates the speed of your refrigerator or freezer Danfoss BD35 or BD50 compressor working with input from the thermostat. This allows the compressor to run only as fast or as slow as it needs, to maintain the set temperature of your box. Save energy, save wear and tear, go green! Visit our Website

Power M Flexible Solar Panels Light weight solar panels made with high-grade SunPower solar cells that can be flush mounted to a deck or cabin top. These semi-flexible panels have a tough non-skid surface designed to be walked on. Available in 110 watt and 115 watt which provides up to 38 amp hours per day in free energy. Visit our Website

Seaview Rail Pods Seaview by PYI, Inc. has adapted the new sail pod boxes to fit a single stainless steel clamp (1in, 1 1/8in, and 1 ?in diameter rails) when space is limited. The Seaview Rail Pod gives you the flexibility to mount a single instrument, up to 12in displays on top of the pedestal rail. UV stable ABS and fastened with security screws. Visit our Website

Forespar Quik Davit Forespar Quik Davit System: Provides a solution to securing your rubber inflatable boat (RlB) to the swim step of your vessel. Loading and unloading people and gear is now easy and safe. With the Quik Davit system your RIB is pulled up and out of the water and stowed on the swim step when the vessel is underway. No more towing! Made of Marelon and 316 stainless steel. Visit our Website

Do-Little Fender Adjuster The DL Fender Adjuster simplifies the way you attach and adjust a fender onto any boat with a rod holder. It’s as easy as dropping the DL Fender into a rod holder, running the line through the device and pulling it down to your desired length. The DLFA will secure the line itself. Simple and easy with no cleats to deal with. Visit our Website

Magic Ezy Chip Fix MagicEzy has three products: Chip Fix, Hairline Fix and Mega Fusion. It is a revolutionary, one-part nano-filler that fixes and colors chips, cracks and deep scratches in one application. It is a structural grade coating technology. No sanding, no mixing, no odor. Available in 11 colors. Visit our Website

Mantus Dinghy & Kayak Anchor Designed to be used as a dinghy or kayak anchor, the 2.5 lb. Mantus Dinghy Anchor has superb setting ability in a variety of bottom soil conditions. Recommended for boats 14-16 feet. Visit our Website

CONNECT! Boat Commands CONNECT! lets you monitor, control, and track your vessel remotely using your smartphone or web browser. Monitor voltage, bilge pump activity, entry alerts, etc. Remotely control lights, air conditioning, and refrigerators. CONNECT! also allows you to share locations, data, pictures, and find friends on the water. Only $8.99/month. Visit our Website

CleanAHull Ultarsonic Antifouling System CleanAHull Advanced Ultrasonic Antifouling Systems are leaders in the revolutionary technology now available to the private boat owner. CleanAHull prolongs anti-fouling paint life, saves fuel costs, reduces diver cleaning fees, and extends haul out intervals. Features include exceptionally low power consumptions, in-water installation, low acquisition cost, and fast payback. Visit our Website

Arid Bilge System Series 4 extended Innovation in dry bilge vacuum technology to effortlessly and automatically eliminate residual bilge water. New features include drying 7 different zones at once with our smaller box originally designed for 4 zones., plus integrated 7-hour meters for leak detection transform this Arid Bilge System into a sleek guardian that keeps the bilges 100% dry 24-7. Visit our Website

DSPA-5 Amazing new Next Generation Fire Suppression Tool; dry sprinkler powder aerosol is a rapid intervention tool that releases a cloud of potassium compounds, suppressing flames, dispersing fire and lowering temperatures within seconds. Effective against Class A, B, C & K Fires, is non toxic to humans, harmless to combustible engines and machinery, non-corrosive/ electronics. It has a 15 year shelf life, is maintenance free for 5 years and has a full warranty. The DSPA-5 can reduce insurance claims by up to 75%, is NFP 2013-2014 compliant and is UL2775 (tested & passed). Visit our Website

Hawk Epoxy HAWK EPOXY is a 100% clear, low-viscosity, low-blush epoxy system designed for ease of use in the widest variety of construction and repair projects. It is very versatile with it’s wide selection of various catalysts and fillers making it the easy choice for any epoxy resin project. Visit our Website

Captain Jack’s VARNISH Captain Jacks VARNISH has been designed for the highest quality work, with outstanding results and durability. A combination of high quality pure phenolic modified tung oil provides excellent weathering performance and will enhance the richness and beauty of the wood with classic bright work appearance. Visit our Website

Aluma Hawk Aluma Hawk is a quick-dry, high-solids, corrosion-inhibiting coating designed for use on aluminum with no need of primer. Aluma Hawk is chromate-free and may be used above or below the waterline, but contains no antifouling characteristics. It comes in three colors; Jon Boat Green, Aluminum Grey and Black. Visit our Website

GNX 20/21 The Garmin GNX 20 and GNX 21 are easy-to-use marine instruments that boast low power consumption (25mA) and a glass-bonded backlit LCD screen for fog prevention. With fully customizable profiles and multiple display configurations, the GNX 20 and 21 display over 50 pivotal marine and sailing parameters including wind, speed and depth. Available in black digits on a white/color background (GNX 20) or white/color digits on a black background (GNX 21). Visit our Website

gWind Wireless The Garmin gWind Wireless transducer is an easy-to-install solution that eliminates the need to run cables down a mast. With renowned twin-fin technology and three-bladed propeller, the gWind Wireless provides the boater more accurate True Wind Speed and Angle. Included is a WSI connection box for dedicated radio signals and the GND 10, a black box that bridges critical communication data via NMEA 2000 between a Nexus Network and compatible Garmin chartplotters. Visit our Website

Garmin Helm for Android Garmin Helm is an app for Android devices that allows boaters to view and control their multi-function chartplotters from the convenience of their mobile device. Enhancing visibility and situational awareness, Garmin Helm allows for easy switching between compatible chartplotters while providing full functionality when away from the helm. Visit our Website

B&G ForwardScan ForwardScan, is a forward-looking sonar device that combines with SonarHub and the B&G Zeus2 and Zeus2 Glass Bridge systems to provide a 2D representation of the water and bottom structure ahead, perfect for finding anchoring spots and highlighting rocks and obstructions below the waters surface. Visit our Website

Neptune 5 Antifouling Bottom Paint The all-new Neptune 5 hybrid antifouling paint from Pettit uses cutting edge technology to deliver a durable, smooth finish that resists build up. An effective yet economical solution, Neptune 5 is low in VOCs, compatible with all existing bottom paints and is easy to clean up with soap and water. Visit our Website

NightWatch Marine Wireless LED Lights Never before possible: Install high quality LED lights that are a permanent part of your electrical system without the need for holes through fiberglass, gel coat, or wood. Allows light installation without damage. You have an option, dont drill a hole. Patent Pending. Visit our Website

EZ Turnbuckle Grips Sailboats with closed-body turnbuckles can now be tuned effortlessly while stepping the mast or even while underway. The grips are installed to remain in place, the turnbuckles can be loosened or tightened quickly with the twist of the wrist. UV stabilized polycarbonate and all stainless hardware. Enjoy this useful gear! Visit our Website

The Automated AnchorBuoy The Automated AnchorBuoy self-deploys, retrieves and remains above the anchor in wind and tides. When not in use, it remains installed on the anchor, ready for next deployment. Elegantly removing the guesswork for yourself and others. Lights up at night and includes emergency retrieval system should an anchor foul. COOL! Visit our Website

For more information about the Newport International Boat Show and to see the powerboat entries in the Newport for New Products program, visit the website.