Sperry Top-Sider Nood in Marblehead: Saturday

Shifty wind and light air kept the fleets on their toes at the Sperry Top-Sider NOOD in Marblehead.

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Westerly winds filled in slightly today in Massachusetts Bay, staying shifty and in the low teens. The funky wind patterns made for a livelier day of competition at the Sperry Top-Sider NOOD in Marblehead. “The day gave us a little bit of everything, so anyone who came out on top of any race today definitely did a good job,” said International One Design class leader Bruce Dyson.

The Laser fleet sailed their first two races of the regatta today, with local sailor JB Braun dominating the fleet with two bullets. In the Viper class, competition for the top spot stayed tight with just one point between the two lead boats. Choppy Seas with skipper Thomas Loutrel are in the lead by just one point over Mo Grins and co skippers Moise Solomon and Dave Nickerson. “It feels like they’re practically in our boat sometimes,” said Loutrel, “People were more aggressive at the starting line than yesterday. A lot of shifts out there, the breeze was shifting left and right.”


Even with the conditions completely different than yesterday’s light air, Bruce Dyson maintained his significant lead in the International One Design class, ending the day with half of the points of the second place boat.

“The breeze was doing a little dance up the course and hadn’t made its way up to us yet,” said Dyson about the first race of the day. “The first guy to the right would win the race, and that’s what we did and we won it. The second race, we didn’t stick to the right, but the guy who did made out like gangbusters. He had more courage to go deeper than anyone else and it worked.” Dyson credits his talented crew for their ability to hold on to the lead. “We’re all amateurs but we sail like professionals. It makes it fun”

With a front moving through tomorrow, both wind and precipitation are expected to build around the time of the first gun. Dyson and his crew aboard Gypsy are ready for the challenge. “That’s the most fun thing about sailing,” said Dyson. “No two races are ever the same. We have to go out tomorrow and make sure we don’t step on it too bad. We’ll be conservative and just race around the racecourse and we’ll finish as strong as we’ve started.”


Day 2 photos courtesy of Leighton O’Connor

Viper Mambo Kings, who did not compete yesterday, came out strong on thier first day of racing. WWW.LEIGHTONOCONNOR.COM
The crew aboard J/70, VitaminJ, played the shifty breeze well in a downwind leg. WWW.LEIGHTONOCONNOR.COM
J/70, 179, out of Eastern Yacht Club in Marblehead, fared well in their home waters and took first place in the J/70 class. WWW.LEIGHTONOCONNOR.COM
J/105, Two Feathers, took lead of their class today and will fly the Wilmington Trust leader spinnaker tomorrow on the final day of racing. WWW.LEIGHTONOCONNOR.COM
Sonar, Jumper, puts in a bullet in their second to last race of the day. WWW.LEIGHTONOCONNOR.COM
J/105 Allegro Semplicita, skippered by class coordinator Frank deNapoli, took second place in the fleet overall after a solid performance today.
The Town Class sailed four challenging races today, with shifty and spotty wind conditions making the course particularly difficult. WWW.LEIGHTONOCONNOR.COM
The Rhodes 19 Class is the largest fleet in the Marblehead NOOD, with 32 boats on the line today. WWW.LEIGHTONOCONNOR.COM
Albatross, skippered by Rex Antrim (sail no. 36) dominated the Town Class with four first place finishes today. WWW.LEIGHTONOCONNOR.COM
The Laser fleet had their first day of racing today, with local sailor JB Braun taking the lead with three wins. WWW.LEIGHTONOCONNOR.COM
Spotty wind patterns along the course made for some agressive startinng maneuvers, especially in the J/105 class. WWW.LEIGHTONOCONNOR.COM
Tight, fast maneuvers were key in maintaining a lead in all fleets in the Marblehead NOOD today. WWW.LEIGHTONOCONNOR.COM
Viper skipper Justin Scott gets into starting sequence aboard Mambo Kings. WWW.LEIGHTONOCONNOR.COM
The challenging conditions required think-ahead tactics and careful observations all the way down the course. WWW.LEIGHTONOCONNOR.COM
Sam Altreuter aboard J/70, Leadfoot, maneuvered through a dense fleet starting their first downwind leg of the day. WWW.LEIGHTONOCONNOR.COM
Between the shifting wind and aggressive fleet, mistakes were costly in the Viper class WWW.LEIGHTONOCONNOR.COM