Notice of Race – Annapolis NOOD 2005

Click here for the NOR for the Lands' End NOOD Regatta in Annapolis. Race dates are April 29 - May 1.

The Lands’ End National Offshore One-Design Regatta

**Annapolis Yacht Club, Annapolis Maryland **

April 29-May 1, 2005


Sailing World and the Annapolis Yacht Club are co-organizing authorities for this regatta. The Annapolis Yacht Club is the Host Club and will provide race management assisted by Eastport Yacht Club and the Severn Sailing Association. This is an official US SAILING sanctioned event.

1. Rules:

This regatta will be governed by the ‘rules’ as defined in the Racing Rules of Sailing 2005-2008 (RRS/US), (except as any of these is altered by the Sailing Instructions). In accordance with ISAF Regulation 20 Advertising Code, advertising categories will be specified by the rules of each class: Out of respect to our primary and support sponsors advertising for competing companies is strongly discouraged. For the Melges 24 class, the Melges 24 Class Nationals is a class sanctioned event.


2. Eligibility:

2.1 The regatta is open to any boat in the following classes: Alberg 30, Cal 25, Catalina 27, J22, J24, J30, J35, J105, Melges 24, Mumm 30, Etchells, S2 7.9, Pearson 30, Beneteau 36.7, J27, J29, Tripp 26, C&C 99 and Ultimate 20. Each class must have a minimum entry of six boats. Due to the number of classes anticipated at this event entrants should be aware that there is a possibility that certain classes may be started together but still scored separately. The Organizing Authority reserves the right to add additional classes with a minimum of six entries.

2.2 The NOOD Regattas are open to those boats whose Owner and/or Skipper is a current member of their National Governing Body (US SAILING for USA members; to join call 1-800-877-2451.)


2.3 Easily removable bow stickers shall be attached to the forward 25% of both sides of the boat’s hull at all times while racing. The bow stickers are to be carried with the top approximately 6″-10″ below deck level and with the leading edge approximately 10″-20″ aft of the bow. The Melges 24 fleet will also be issued bow numbers. They are to be placed approximately 10″ aft of the bow and the bow stickers are to be placed aft of the bow numbers. Bow stickers will be provided in the Skipper’s package.

3. Entries:

Entries shall be submitted on the official entry form Classes shall meet eligibility requirements no later than April 19 Entries received after Monday April 15, 2005 will be subject to a $50 late fee. Completed entry forms, with payment, shall be mailed to Lands’ End NOOD REGATTA, c/o Sailing World, 55 Hammarlund Way, Middletown, RI 02842 or fax 401/845-5180. Late entries may be accepted solely at the discretion of Sailing World and the Annapolis Yacht Club.

        Boat Size      Entry Fee*

        up to 24'            $147.00

        25' - 30'       172.00

        31' - 39'        202.00

*** Entry Fee includes one social ticket**

Social tickets – Advance purchase $37.00 (with entry)

Social tickets include dinner/beverages for Friday & Saturday. Light dinner/beverages for Sunday.

Tickets will be $40 at Registration and at the door.

4. Registration:

A representative of each boat must report to registration at the Annapolis Yacht Club, Thursday April 28, 2005 between 1630 and 1930. Crew List and waiver of liability form signed by each crew member must be submitted at registration. No boat may compete without completed waiver form. In the event of crew substitution during the regatta, the new crew member must submit a signed waiver to the Race Committee prior to racing for that boat’s entry to remain valid.

Sailing Instructions will be available at registration. Amendments to the Sailing Instructions and Notices to Competitors will be posted on the Official Notice Board at the Annapolis Yacht Club Annex.

5. Courses:

Drop-mark courses will be sailed near the mouth of the Severn River on Chesapeake Bay.

6. Schedule of Races:

Seven races are scheduled. Rendezvous near the mouth of the Severn River at 1000 each day. No warning signal will be made after 1430 hours on Sunday, May 1, 2005.

7. Measurement/Weigh-in

Measurement is not required, but each boat shall submit proof of holding a valid measurement certificate at registration if required by the class.

Neither the Organizing Authority nor the Annapolis Yacht Club shall be responsible for conducting or administrating weigh-ins should they be required by individual class rules. Local or national class associations shall be responsible for conducting weigh-ins if needed.

8. Scoring:

Each boat’s total score will be the sum of her scores for all races. Seven races are scheduled. One race will constitute a series.

9. Arbitration:

For protests involving the rules of RRS/US Part 2, an arbitration hearing may be held prior to the protest hearing.

10. Prizes:

10.1 Individual race and series prizes will be awarded by class.

10.2 An award will be made to the boat which, in the opinion of the Organizing Authorities had the best overall performance during the 2005 Annapolis Lands’ End NOOD Regatta.

11.Photographers and TV Rights

Competitors give absolute right and permission for any photographs or video footage taken of themselves or their competing boat to be published in any media whatsoever; for either editorial or advertising purposes, or to be used in press information.