Mini 12s on Lake Union

The Seattle YC singlehanders of the Mini 12 class can be found on Lake Union for this weekend’s Sperry Top-Sider Seattle NOOD Regatta.
Mini 12s race at Lake Union on May 18. Sean Kiaer

The singlehanded Mini 12s need a little more protection than the other classes racing on Puget Sound at the Sperry Top-Sider Seattle NOOD, so these scaled-down models of 12-Metres will race on Lake Union for the weekend. “It’s a lot more protected than Puget Sound,” says Fred Pot, the secretary of Seattle’s Mini 12 fleet, of the venue. “And, of course, these boats don’t have engines.”

The Seattle YC boasts a fleet of 20 Mini 12s, and so far 11 have signed up for the NOOD. “This is the second year I’ve participated, and it’s a lot of fun,” says Pot. “It’s also the fleet championship for this fleet of Mini 12s.”

Pot says that the favorites to win the event are Chris Brain on_ Three Stooges_, Grant Chyz on Little Wing, and Mike Milburn on Mini Mighty Mouse.


The Seattle YC Mini 12 fleet races once per week during the summer and winter, and they also race against the Royal Victoria YC fleet.

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