Wing With Us in the BVI

Wingfoiling through the British Virgin Islands? Oh yes, indeed. Sailing World Expedition's first immersion is going to soar.
A woman freestyle kiteboarding through the air.
Paula Novotná applies her freestyle kiteboard flair in the emerging international sport of competitive wingfoiling. Courtesy Paula Novotná

Superlatives about winging and wing foiling today are flying off the shelves, just like the inflatable wings, boards and foils themselves. It’s “the hottest watersport of a generation,” says Surfing. And that’s no hype say the wing makers. The latest wind-powered craze has taken off for obvious reasons: the upfront gear investment is reasonable, it’s easier to learn than kiteboarding and session spots are now practically unlimited—especially, as we see it, when you can launch straight from the deck of your anchored yacht.

Rig it, launch it and soar across the balmy wave tops of the Caribbean with your friends; that’s the plan of our inaugural wing foiling charter flotilla, the first immersion experience of the Sailing World Expeditions series. We’re calling it “Winging Through the BVI,” because those who join us on this space-available charter cruise in November will enjoy equal parts island hopping, freestyle sessions and learning from expert coaches on hand to upskill your winging to new heights.

The British Virgin Islands is the ultimate sailing destination, with as many as 60 islands and cays, all with easy passages between them and enough protected anchorages to accommodate the many yachts and sailors who come to experience what the locals call “nature’s little secrets.” With abundant tropical sunshine, vibrant blue waters, reliable trade winds and friendly locals, this easy-access Caribbean destination guarantees a relaxing and adventure-filled sailing immersion. 

So yes, we’re talking six days of inter-island sailing in the spectacular and cruisy British Virgin Island chain onboard four captained 43-foot Sunsail catamarans. The itinerary features morning, afternoon and sunset sessions with a few races and downwinders thrown in for extra stoke. With your capable captain to tend to the yacht, all you have to worry about is your daily routine. Wing, rinse, eat, rest and repeat with a cadre of like-minded and frothy wingers.

Catamaran in the BVI
Launch from a Sunsail 43-foot catamaran into the glory of the BVI. Courtesy Patrick Bennett

Secure your spot for $5,400 per person, double-occupancy cabin, before September 14, 2023. Pricing after September 14 is $6,000 per person, double occupancy. What’s included is a roomy cabin and private bathroom, experienced yacht captain, one-on-one coaching blocks, a few beach parties, a Sailing World subscription, and heaps of videos and photos to show off to your friends back home.

Not included in the pricing is food and beverage provisioning (but Sunsail has a convenient online provisioning store), or transportation and airport transfers. Bring your own wing foiling gear, because you know it best.   

Sound too good to miss? It is, indeed. With only four Sunsail 43-foot charter catamarans available for this unique flotilla, this promises to be an intimate group excursion. There are only three cabins available per yacht, so with a maximum of six passengers per catamaran there’s a generous allotment of personal space. Charter the entire cat with friends and family, or score a double-occupancy cabin and make new friends through this unique adventure, led by your Sailing World hosts and our expert wing foiling coaches, on hand to teach from departure to return. With stops at the BVI’s iconic anchorages and playgrounds and an exciting and curated itinerary, we guarantee your skills and spirits will soar.