U.S. Youth Champions Crowned

The Club 420s, International 420s, Lasers, Radials, and 29ers sailed their final races today.

In windy conditions, five classes of youth sailors duked it out for the title of National Champion off Grosse Pointe Yacht Club in Grosse Pointe Shores, Michigan. In many of the classes, competition was so close that the final race was the deciding factor for the title. Congratulations to all the new National Champions:

Club 420 Final Standings

  1. Scott Sinks/Rebecca McElvain, [14]-11-9-2-10-4-4-4-2- ; 46
  2. Martina Sly/Ian R Morgan, 10-9-2-6-8-12-3-[15]-3- ; 53
  3. Campbell D’Eliscu/Briggs D’eliscu, 1-23-5-[34]-1-1-7-21-4- ; 63
  4. Thomas Walden/William Hundahl, 12-1-8-11-[16]-16-2-3-13- ; 66
  5. Matthew Kaplan/Sean Walsh, 9-8-3-12-14-3-8-12-[19]- ; 69

Laser Final Standings

  1. Malcolm Lamphere, 1-[5]-1-1-1-4-2-1- ; 11
  2. Erik Weis, 2-1-5-5-2-1-1-[9]- ; 17
  3. Will Dana, 9-[11]-4-3-3-3-5-2- ; 29
  4. Marshall McCann, 10-[19/BFD]-6-2-5-2-3-8- ; 36
  5. Richie Gordon, 6-6-2-8-7-6-9-[11]- ; 44

Radial Final Standings

  1. Scott Rasmussen, [31/BFD]-7-5-7-8-4-2-1-2- ; 36
  2. Drake Lyon, 10-1-3-4-3-11-6-3-[29]- ; 41
  3. Patrick Shanahan, [31/RET]-11-6-1-7-5-1-2-9- ; 42
  4. William Marshall, [31/BFD]-2-1-2-2-1-10-12-19- ; 49
  5. Max Guerriero, 3-4-12-6-[26]-10-7-4-18- ; 64

29er Final Standings

  1. Nicolas Muller/Ian MacDiarmid, [8]-4-2-5-1-2-1-1-3-1-5-2-1-1- ; 29
  2. Sean Brennan/Pere Puig, 2-2-3-1-6-7-4-2-1-5-1-1-2-[8]- ; 37
  3. Max Brill/Zach Malcolm, 1-1-1-2-4-5-3-3-2-4-[6]-5-4-6- ; 41
  4. Jacob Rosenberg/Rhodes Garner, 4-[7]-5-4-3-1-5-5-6-3-4-3-3-4- ; 50
  5. Romain Screve/Andrew Person, 6-6-4-6-2-3-6-[7]-4-2-2-6-7-5- ; 59

International 420 Final Standings

  1. Chris Keller/Peter Schneider, 1-2-2-2-4-2-[10/OCS]-2-4- ; 19
  2. James Westerberg/pierce ornstein, 4-6-1-4-1-3-[10/OCS]-1-3- ; 23
  3. Kristopher Swanson/Alexander Ron, [10/OCS]-4-3-1-2-1-3-3-8- ; 25
  4. Christine Klingler/Victoria Thompson, 3-1-5-7-5-4-[10/OCS]-4-1- ; 30
  5. Macey McCann/Lenox Butcher, 2-[7]-4-5-3-6-4-6-5- ; 35
Malcolm Lamphere (Sail No. 199769) had a decisive victory this weekend, winning five of eight of the races that he sailed. He chose not to compete in the final race of the day on Thursday. Finishing second was Erik Weis (Sail No. 188663), who placed six points behind Lamphere. JH Peterson/US Sailing
Pierce Ornstein (Hull no. 9) hikes hard to stay ahead of Ryan Vittimberga and Robert Gordon (Hull no. 8) in the International 420 class. JH Peterson/US Sailing
Skipper Christopher Weis and crew Dot Obel lead a pack of Club 420s down the course. JH Peterson/US Sailing
Laser sailor Richie Gordon, from Cedar Point Yacht Club in Westport, Conn. JH Peterson/US Sailing
Macey McCann and Lenox Butcher take on a downwind leg in their International 420. JH Peterson/US Sailing
Gracie Howie and Katie deLisser on their Club 420. With 36 boats, their class was the largest in the National Championship. The two girls sail out of Coral Reef Yacht Club in Miami, FL. JH Peterson/US Sailing
Katie Lounsbury prepares to get a little damp aboard her Club 420 with skipper Carolyn Corbet. JH Peterson/US Sailing
The Laser class got in nine races this weekend, with eight of them counting towards each teams’ final score. JH Peterson/US Sailing
Laser sailor Kyle Comerford catches up to a pack of Club 420’s on the second day of racing, Wednesday, Aug. 13th. JH Peterson/US Sailing
Skipper Roberto Stevens and crew Sydney Avitia-Jacques, from Del Rey Yacht Club in Marina del Ray, California JH Peterson/US Sailing
Nicolas Muller and crew Ian MacDiarmid took first place in the 29er class. They won the last two races of the championships, with six overall first place finishes through 14 races. JH Peterson/US Sailing
Scott Rasmussen (Sail no. 204424) made a late surge on Thursday by posting a 2-1-1 scoring line over the final three races to win the Radial title. JH Peterson/US Sailing