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Ted Hood HOF

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A prolific sailmaker, yacht designer, innovator, and champion sailor Frederick E. "Ted" Hood first became prominent as a sailmaker producing crosscut spinnakers for offshore racers and America's Cup 12-Meter yachts. Then, his mainsails and jibs became the standard. Of his sailmaking ability North Sails President Tom Whidden said, "No one had a better eye for sailmaking than Ted Hood, you could not teach a sailmaker to see what Hood saw." A champion sailor: Hood sailed in several America's Cup boats and won the Cup in 1974 as skipper on Courageous.

He also won offshore championships, including SORC and Newport Bermuda Race. As a yacht designer Hood produced Robin, the America's Cup yachts Nefertiti and Independence, and 1,600 other designs.

Few know him as the innovator behind the development of the grooved headstay and dip-pole jibes.