Team Alvimedica: Attack of the Birds

When a flock of birds staged a takeover of the team's rig, Helmsman/Trimmer Alberto Bolzan took matters into his own hands.

Encountering wildlife is anything but unusual on long ocean races, but it’s rare to get up close and personal with the animals. Last night, a flock of Black Noppies paid a visit to Team Alvimedica, perching on the mast and surrounding the upper rig. Black Noppies are very territorial, and will not hesitate to attack when they are threatened.

“When they started flying around our heads we took deliberate action with the fog horn and other loud things—like easing the runner—to try and shake them off. Unsuccessfully I might add,” wrote onboard reporter Amory Ross. “It was incredibly distracting, their incessant chirping and surrounding presence. Boredom saw them move on around sunrise, just in time to illuminate the damage they had done to the main and deck—now covered in poo. Nonetheless, it was an incredibly bizarre sight, something we’ll never forget. Alberto was going mental.”

Watch the video from Alvimedica, here:


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