Sailing World Spring 2007 Conference Rankings

/SW/'s panel names frontrunners for all 14 coed and women's conferences.

Sailing World's rankings of ICSA Conferences are determined by a panel in each conference along withSailing World's coaches' panel, Michael Callahan, Georgetown; Ken Legler, Tufts; and Mike Segerblom, USC.

MAISA COED 1. St. Mary's 2. Georgetown 3. Hobart/WmSmith 4. Navy 5. Old Dominion 6. Washington College 7. Pennsylvania 8. NY Maritime 9. Kings Point10. HamptonMCSA COED:1. Wisconsin2. Michigan3. Notre Dame4. Northwestern5. Michigan State6. MinnesotaAlso receiving votes:OwensNEISA COED 1. Boston College 2. Dartmouth 3. Harvard 4. Yale 5. Roger Williams 6. Brown 7. Tufts 8. Rhode Island 9. Coast Guard10. MITAlso receiving votes:Boston UnivConnecticut CollNWICSA COED1. U/Washington2. Oregon3. Western Washington4. Oregon StatePCCSC COED1. Stanford2. UC/Irvine3. USC4. HawaiiAlso receiving votes:UC/San DiegoSAISA COED1. Charleston2. South Florida3. Eckerd4. Florida5. U/Miami6. TennesseeAlso receiving votes:Florida AtlanticSEISA COED1. Texas A&M Galveston2. Texas3. South Alabama4. Tulane5. Texas A&M

MAISA WOMEN 1. St. Mary's 2. Georgetown 3. Navy 4. Hobart/WmSmith 5. Old Dominion 6. Washington College 7. Cornell 8. Colgate 9. Columbia10. FordhamMCSA WOMEN1. Wisconsin2. Michigan3. Minnesota4. Notre Dame5. Northwestern6. St. ThomasNEISA WOMEN 1. Tufts 2. Harvard 3. Yale 4. Boston College 5. Dartmouth 6. Boston Univ 7. Connecticut Coll 8. Rhode Island 9. Roger Williams10. MITAlso receiving votes:BrownNWICSA WOMEN1. U/Washington2. Western Washington3. Oregon4. Washington StatePCCSC WOMEN1. Stanford2. UC/Irvine3. USC4. HawaiiSAISA WOMEN1. Charleston2. South Florida3. Eckerd4. Florida5. Florida Atlantic6. UNC/WilmingtonSEISA WOMEN1. Texas2. Texas A&M Galveston3. South Alabama4. Texas A&M5. Southern Methodist