Sailing World College Rankings, November 12th 2015

URI snags the lead in the Women's rankings for the first time this season. On the coed side, the battle for the top spot heats up.

Sailing World’s College Rankings, presented by Gill and Sailors for the Sea, are determined by an open coaches poll. For more information on the poll, or on how your team’s coach can become a part of it, visit The number of first place votes a team received is in brackets. This is the fourth national ranking for the Fall 2015 season, based on results through November 11th.

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Charles Higgins, the assistant coach at Old Dominion, checks in with his thoughts on this week’s results:


The last couple weeks have shaken up the rankings a fair bit, with some breakout performances along with some deeper finishes from teams many expect to finish closer to the top.

On the women’s side, University of Rhode Island took the Victorian Coffee Urn regatta with a strong performance from its A division, thereby supplanting the U.S. Coast Guard Academy atop the rankings. Some coaches noted that the Lady Bears did not have their top team present and still gave them plenty of support with several 1st place votes. Interestingly, Yale still picked up a 1st place vote despite having not won a Women’s Interconference event this season, although they have had multiple top 5 finishes.

On the Coed side of the rankings, Boston University, Cornell, and George Washington made significant moves thanks to outstanding finishes at their respective conference championships. Boston University made enough of an impression to garner a 1st place vote. The vast majority still went to Georgetown, which has undoubtedly been the most consistent team this season. They have finished 1st or 2nd at every Interconference event so far this season and have certainly earned their top ranking.


This past weekend also saw Georgetown’s Haddon Hughes ’19 and Yale’s Malcolm Lamphere ’18 taking their respective crowns in the 2015 LaserPerformance Women’s and Men’s Singlehanded National Championships. Each secured the championship in the closing boat lengths of the final race, and their performances no doubt helped their teams in the eyes of some coaches submitting votes as well. The fall season will be finishing up soon but before it does, the Atlantic and Pacific Coast Championships will take place this weekend giving teams another chance to prove where they belong. We haven’t seen much of the west coast teams go head to head with Stanford so it will be a good gauge for the rest of us to see how it shakes out. Given that so many top teams will be competing this weekend, new names may pop up at the top and some teams that have been sitting precariously near the top of the rankings may drop. But once again — that’s why they play the game.

Coed Total Points
Georgetown [14] 366
Boston College [1] 344
Yale [3] 339
Charleston 315
Harvard 275
Coast Guard 267
St. Mary’s 262
Boston University [1] 227
MIT 199
Stanford 178
Dartmouth 164
George Washington 160
Bowdoin 132
Brown 118
Tufts 97
Roger Williams 96
Old Dominion 90
Navy 76
Cornell 61
Hobart/Wm. Smith 53

Also receiving votes: Eckerd, SUNY Maritime, Univ. Pennsylvania, Fordham, Univ. Virginia, Florida, UC Santa Barbara, Vermont, Hawaii, South Florida, Southern California, Kind’s Point, UC Berkeley, Western Washington

Women Total Points
Rhode Island [7] 259
Coast Guard [9] 252
Yale [1] 231
Georgetown [2] 217
George Washington 180
Dartmouth 146
Bowdoin 139
St. Mary’s 137
Boston College 118
Tufts 89
Stanford 87
Charleston 86
Brown 79
South Florida (tie) 74
Vermont 74

Also receiving votes: Boston University, Eckerd, Fordham, Hobart/Wm. Smith, UC Santa Barbara, Navy, MIT, UC Berkeley, Cornell, Hawaii, Southern California, Roger Williams, Christopher Newport, Harvard, Western Washington


19 coaches participated in the poll: Fordham, Harvard, SUNY Maritime, Georgetown, Vermont, Stanford, Univ. Pennsylvania, Brown, Dartmouth, Coast Guard, South Florida, Mitchell, Bowdoin, St. Mary’s, George Washington, Hobart/Wm. Smith, Christopher Newport, Eckerd, Cornell

Sailing World College Rankings Sponsored by Gill and Sailors for the Sea
Sponsored by Gill and Sailors for the Sea