Sailing World College Rankings, March 31st, 2015

Yale takes the top spot on both sides of the first rankings in 2015, but with some new teams making waves, it's setting up to be an interesting season.

Sailing World’s College Rankings, presented by Gill and Sailors for the Sea, are determined by an open coaches poll. For more information on the poll, or on how your team’s coach can become a part of it, visit The number of first place votes a team received is in brackets. This is the first national ranking for the Spring 2015 season, based on results through March 25th.

For easy viewing and sharing, the PDF is available here:

COED Total Points
Yale [17] 377
Boston College [2] 340
Charleston 330
Georgetown 324
Stanford 275
St. Mary’s 251
Navy 235
Tufts 208
Brown 201
Dartmouth 196
Fordham 167
Roger Williams 166
Harvard 156
Old Dominion 144
Vermont 116
Coast Guard 67
Hobart/Wm. Smith 62
South Florida 61
SUNY Maritime 56
MIT 49

also receiving votes: Eckerd, Rhode Island, Cornell, Hawaii, UC Santa Barbara, George Washington, Conn. College, Bowdoin, Washington College, Virginia

Women Total Points
Yale [12] 273
Bowdoin 223
Charleston [5] 213
Georgetown 209
Navy [2] 166
St. Mary’s 152
Brown 151
Dartmouth 135
Coast Guard 132
Boston College 131
Stanford 125
Rhode Island 70
South Florida 49
Wisconsin 44
Vermont 36

also receiving votes: Eckerd, Conn. College, Tufts, MIT, Hobart/Wm. Smith, SUNY Maritime, Amherst, Old Dominion, Roger Williams, Cornell, Fordham, Hawaii, George Washington, Princeton, Arizona, Harvard, North Carolina State, UC Santa Barbara

19 coaches participated in the poll: Fordham, South Florida, SUNY Maritime, Arizona, Stanford, George Washington, Eckerd, Vermont, Dartmouth, Boston College, Hobart/Wm. Smith, Wisconsin, Navy, Coast Guard, Brown University, Harvard, UC Santa Barbara, Georgetown, Cornell

Sailing World College Rankings Sponsored by Gill and Sailors for the Sea
Sponsored by Gill and Sailors for the Sea