Sailing World College Rankings, April 23rd 2015

Yale is definitively in the lead after a winning weekend both at home and on the road.

Sailing World’s College Rankings, presented by Gill and Sailors for the Sea, are determined by an open coaches poll. For more information on the poll, or on how your team’s coach can become a part of it, visit The number of first place votes a team received is in brackets. This is the third national ranking for the Spring 2015 season, based on results through April 22nd.

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Coed Total Points
Yale [19] 399
Boston College [1] 367
Charleston 351
Georgetown 339
Stanford 337
St. Mary’s 263
Roger Williams 237
Harvard 223
Tufts 219
Navy (tie) 216
Fordham 216
Old Dominion 175
Vermont 157
Dartmouth 154
Brown 152
Coast Guard 109
SUNY Maritime 46
Hobart/Wm. Smith 40
George Washington 33
MIT 29

Also receiving votes: Bowdoin, South Florida, Con. College, Eckerd, Boston University, Salisbury, Wisconsin, UC Santa Barbara, Rhode Island, UC Long Beach, Cornell, Jacksonville, U. Penn, King’s Point

Women’s Total Points
Yale [20] 300
Brown 241
Charleston 229
Bowdoin 192
Coast Guard 186
Navy 173
Georgetown 170
St. Mary’s 139
Boston College 129
Stanford 123
Dartmouth 104
MIT 102
Rhode Island 101
Cornell 51
Old Dominion 30

Also receiving votes: Vermont, Tufts, George Washington, Conn. College, Eckerd, Wisconsin, South Florida, UC Santa Barbara, Fordham, Boston University, Santa Clara, Harvard

20 coaches participated in the poll: Bowdoin, Brown, Coast Guard, Cornell, Dartmouth, Eckerd, Fordham, George Washington, Georgetown, Harvard, Hobart/Wm. Smith, Old Dominion, St. Mary’s, Stanford, SUNY Maritime, U. Penn, UC San Diego, UC Santa Barbara, Vermont, Wisconsin

Sailing World College Rankings Sponsored by Gill and Sailors for the Sea
Sponsored by Gill and Sailors for the Sea