Sailing World 50th Anniversary Party

The Sailing World 50th Anniversary party at the U.S. Sailboat Show in Annapolis featured fiercely competitive gutter boat racing.
Sailing World 50th Anniversary banner
Eleanor Lawson
Stu Streuli
SW‘s Stuart Streuli sets the course. Eleanor Lawson
Harken gutter boat
Team Harken is keeping their design under wraps. Michelle Roche
Brandon Flack gutter boat
Brandon Flack carefully shrouds the keel design for Team Samson. Eleanor Lawson
Dave Reed
Announcer and Sailing World Editor-in-Chief Dave Reed is up to the challenge. Eleanor Lawson
Neil Evans from Harken
Harken’s Neil Evans tests the breeze. Eleanor Lawson
Bob Vincent
Bob Vincent of Kiriacoulis Charters Eleanor Lawson
NavPod vs Good Old Boat gutter boats
Team NavPod challenges Team Good Old Boat. Eleanor Lawson
Bill Goggins
Harken’s Bill Goggins gives it a go. Eleanor Lawson
Harken vs Kiriacoulis Charters gutter boat
Team Harken vs. Team Kiriacoulis Charters Eleanor Lawson
Samson vs. Yale Cordage
Team Samson vs. Team Yale Cordage Eleanor Lawson
Skip Yale
Skip Yale of Team Yale Cordage Eleanor Lawson
Martin Van Breems
Team Dutchman’s Martin Van Breems tests a preliminary design. Eleanor Lawson
Cameron Hueston
Cameron Hueston of Team Bavaria Yachts Eleanor Lawson
Matt Salatino
Matt Salatino of Team Sailor’s Solutions has a given his boat a flashy paint job. Eleanor Lawson
Topaz Peter Cook
Peter Cook shows off Team Topaz’s trimaran design. Sadly, it was too wide for the gutter and had to be modified to a catamaran. Eleanor Lawson
Jeremy McGeary
Jeremy McGeary does a lap for Team Good Old Boat. Eleanor Lawson
Team British Virgin Islands Eleanor Lawson
It turns out sailing really is a spectator sport! Eleanor Lawson
Peter Harken
Peter Harken gives his team some pointers. Eleanor Lawson
Harken gutter boat redesign
Team Harken has made a few sail modifications. Eleanor Lawson
Mack Boring
Jim Blaney of Team Mack Boring Eleanor Lawson
Atlantis gutter boat race
Team Atlantis Weather Gear may need a sail change. Eleanor Lawson
Brandon Flack gutter boat regatta
Protest! Eleanor Lawson
Atlantis gutter boat entry
Team Atlantis Weather Gear’s Jerrett Hering Eleanor Lawson
Dave Dellenbaugh gutter boat
America’s Cup tactician Dave Dellenbaugh has serious speed – check out that wake! Eleanor Lawson
gutter boat race
This boat gets on a plane! Eleanor Lawson
This just got real. Team Dutchman’s Martin Van Breems has his game face on. Eleanor Lawson
Dave Dellenbaugh vs Martin Van Breems
Dave Dellenbaugh and Martin Van Breems face off in the finals. Eleanor Lawson
Dawn Riley
America’s Cup sailor Dawn Riley pinch-hits for Team Dellenbaugh in the finals. Eleanor Lawson
Sailing World’s Rain Gutter Invitational
gutter boat winner
We have a winner! Team Bavaria Yachts takes home the prize – a bottle of rum and a pair of Sperry Top-Siders. Eleanor Lawson