Round Robin 2 Schedule

Last race from RR #1 will be raced Oct. 22

Round Robin Two (9 boats):
Tuesday Oct 22 – Thursday Oct 31, 2002

Tuesday, Oct 22
Rescheduled race from Flight 5 of Round Robin 1, postponed due to light winds on Oct 7, then postponed at request of Mascalzone on Oct 14:
Prada Challenge (ITA-74) vs. Mascalzone Latino (ITA-72)

Flight 1
OneWorld (USA-67) vs. Mascalzone Latino (ITA-72)
Oracle BMW (USA-76) vs. Prada Challenge (ITA-74)
Stars & Stripes (USA-66) vs. GBR Challenge (GBR-70)
Le Defi (FRA-69) vs. Alinghi (SUI-64)
Off: Victory Challenge


Flight 2
Le Defi (FRA-69) vs. Victory Challenge (SWE-74)
Mascalzone Latino (ITA-72) vs. Oracle BMW (USA-76)
Alinghi (SUI-64) vs. OneWorld (USA-67)
Prada Challenge (ITA-74) vs. Stars & Stripes (USA-66)
Off: GBR Challenge

Flight 3
Prada Challenge (ITA-74) vs. Le Defi (FRA-69)
Alinghi (SUI-64) vs. Mascalzone Latino (ITA-72)
Stars & Stripes (USA-66) vs. Victory Challenge (SWE-74)
GBR Challenge (GBR-70) vs. OneWorld (USA-67)
Off: Oracle BMW

Flight 4
Oracle BMW (USA-76) vs. Stars & Stripes (USA-66)
GBR Challenge (GBR-70) vs. Le Defi (FRA-69)
Alinghi (SUI-64) vs. Prada Challenge (ITA-74)
Victory Challenge (SWE-74) vs. Mascalzone Latino (ITA-72)
Off: OneWorld


Flight 5
Mascalzone Latino (ITA-72) vs. Prada Challenge (ITA-74)
Victory Challenge (SWE-74) vs. Oracle BMW (USA-76)
OneWorld (USA-67) vs. Stars & Stripes (USA-66)
GBR Challenge (GBR-70) vs. Alinghi (SUI-64)
Off: Le Defi

Flight 6
Mascalzone Latino (ITA-72) vs. GBR Challenge (GBR-70)
Prada Challenge (ITA-74) vs. Victory Challenge (SWE-74)
OneWorld (USA-67) vs. Oracle BMW (USA-76)
Stars & Stripes (USA-66) vs. Le Defi (FRA-69)
Off: Alinghi

Flight 7
Oracle BMW (USA-76) vs. Le Defi (FRA-69)
Stars & Stripes (USA-66) vs. Alinghi (SUI-64)
Prada Challenge (ITA-74) vs. GBR Challenge (GBR-70)
Victory Challenge (SWE-74) vs. OneWorld (USA-67)
Off: Mascalzone Latino


Flight 8
GBR Challenge (GBR-70) vs. Victory Challenge (SWE-74)
Le Defi (FRA-69) vs. OneWorld (USA-67)
Alinghi (SUI-64) vs. Oracle BMW (USA-76)
Mascalzone Latino (ITA-72) vs. Stars & Stripes (USA-66)
Off: Prada

Flight 9
Le Defi (FRA-69) vs. Mascalzone Latino (ITA-72)
OneWorld (USA-67) vs. Prada Challenge (ITA-74)
Victory Challenge (SWE-74) vs. Alinghi (SUI-64)
Oracle BMW (USA-76) vs. GBR Challenge (GBR-70)
Off: Stars & Stripes


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