Regatta T-shirt Hall of Fame

We've enshrined submissions to our Regatta T-shirt Facebook contest in this Hall-of-Fame gallery.
Sailing World
***Winner: Oldest Regatta T-shirt Event: Thistle National Championship, Cleveland, Ohio, 1978 Owner: Amy Backus Owner’s comments: Every time I break out this T-shirt from the 1978 Thistle Nationals in Cleveland, I am reminded of the great sailing, great parties, and great people of the Thistle class. I sailed with Ken and Rink VanWagnen on Sister Midnight during this time. This T might even be older than Mikey Lovett!
****Winner: Rattiest Regatta T-shirt Event: Forgotten Regatta, St. Barts, 1983 Owner: Baxter Smith Owner’s Comments: T-shirt from my favorite regatta. Only problem? It never occurred because they didn’t get the invitation out early enough. But why worry. It’s de islands, mon. Judge’s Comments: By virtue of the unidentifiable blemish in the lower left hand corner, “Forgotten Regatta” seems to be the rattiest submission. Way to go, Baxter. Let’s hope your T-shirt makes it another 28 years!
***Winner: Coolest Regatta T-shirt Event: Portland State University’s Gorge Invite Regatta, 2008 Owner: Tom Miron Judge’s comments: Miron designed several of the submissions to the contest, all of which are really cool. This T-shirt from 2008 has great coloring and a retro, psychedelic design. I can’t wait to see what Miron designs for this year’s Gorge Invite, assuming he’s still PSU’s artist in residence.
***Winner: Dorkiest Regatta T-shirt Event: Walt Bohren Memorial Race, British Virgin Islands, 2011 Owner: Judge’s comments: “Dorky” is a subjective term, and I mean no disrespect to the late Walt Bohren. I guess I’m just not a fan of the font the designer used for “BVI 2011.” That may be an unfair criticism, but hey, at least the critique includes a free water bottle!
Owner: Alejandro Olivos Owner’s Comments: This T shirt is the one used by the Cat Team from Chile when 3 crews sailed at the National Nacra and Prindles at Pensacola many years ago. My crew designed it and flyed with a diskette to print them at USA because lack of time to print them in Chile. One of our 3 teams got the first place at P19 fleet, not us but we are proud anyway. I keep it and use it on special ocasions.
Event: Portland State University Gorge Invite, 2011 Owner/designer: Tom Miron
Event: Portland State University Gorge Invite Owner/designer: Tom Miron
Event: Mardi Gras Regatta, New Orleans, 2009 Owner: Troy Gilbert
Event: ICSA National Championships, 2011 Owner: Meredith Powlison Owner’s comments: My submission comes from this year’s college nationals at the Gorge. This shirt reminds me of old-school ski area logos, and I love how the boat on the left blends into the peaks. In fact, I think it took me a while to figure out that it wasn’t just another mountain!
Event: J/24 Cowtown Stampede, Ft. Worth, Texas, 2004 Owner: Joshua Bone Owner’s Comments:I break this puppy out a few times a year. Always receives high marks.
Event: Vanguard 15 National Championship, Larchmont, N.Y, 2008 Owner: Michael Lovett Owner’s Comments: I used to think the design showed a boom cover with lazy jacks—which seemed like an odd way to portray the class—but I just now realized that the graphic makes the Larchmont YC burgee look like a wave spraying from the lee bow of a V-15. It’s an optical illusion! T-shirt designed by Hollis von Summer
Owner: West Coast SailingOwner’s Comments:This is our favorite Sailing Shirt! ( but we may be a little bias 😉 )